Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Photo, left to right: Gabe Nicander, Saskia Salemink, Amber Steel, Sheila Bleck, Diana Dennis, Arnold Classic, 2008.

Thank you for being patient for me to post a real, in depth, thoughtful blog. I just visited San Francisco, New York City, and Boston. While in San Francisco, I attended the Cybernet conference, and got to rub elbows with many of the movers and shakers in the adult industry. I attended XBiz in Las Vegas a month ago, however, it was not nearly as informative and educational, nor entertaining as the Cybernet was in San Francisco. Perhaps it is due to the fact that San Francisco is the mecca of fetish in the USA, and I felt right at home. I always believed that I loved NYC the most, but San Francisco has unique charm and a vibe that is unparalleled, even by NYC.

I met some great people in the industry, that in a short period of time, I have learned some tools and techniques that will help me reach out to my audience on a grander scale--and that is all very exciting to me. I travel a lot with my videographer, Sheryl, and it's nice to have her as a travel companion, and enjoy the amenities of a big city. She lives in Tularosa, New Mexico, where I used to reside, about three and a half hours southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I live now. She also works for the casino at the Inn of the Mountain Gods for the Mescalero Apache tribe as the Public Relations Administrator. Oddly enough, before I became an American Gladiator on the Live Show in Orlando, Florida, I used to work at the Inn as a Security Officer. And, yes, I actually was suited up with handcuffs, a badge, a nightstick and a knife. In hindsight, I guess I had some very interesting career paths before I decided to become "Amber Steel, Goddess of Fetish!"

So, Sheryl and I enjoyed the conference, hitting the ones we deemed most important. Topping off the conference was a party at Kink.com, a website that took a keen interest in me working for them as a model for their various websites. I thought about working for Hogtied (bondage), Ultimate Surrender (girl/girl wrestling), and quite naturally, Men in Pain. At the time they took interest, a good friend of mine, Lynn McCrossin, aka "The Pec Panther" had done a shoot with the director, Matt, of HogTied and Ultimate Surrender. At the Kink party, I immediately noticed Matt as the "referee" of the very kinky match of all girl wrestling. Sadly, we missed the competitive part, which I would have loved to have seen, but we did make it for part 2, where the winners got to dominate the losers! The set, the lighting, the music and the models were incredible, and I really enjoyed myself. Sheryl is very conservative, but I noticed her squirming in her seat! To me, it just looked like great fun, and very well produced. So, after the losers "match", we decided to clear out and mingle. On our way out, I found Matt, introduced myself, and noticed he took interest, as I told him of my friendship with Lynn, which he absolutely adored. Later that evening, he gave me a tour of his dungeon, where he essentially hogties all his victims up. It was a beautiful dungeon (is that an oxymoron?), and we chatted briefly and energetically about our market.

Sheryl and I hit Mel's diner, right near our hotel, and crashed for a few hours before we headed our separate ways. I was headed off to NYC, and Sheryl, back to El Paso and Tularosa, as she needed to get to work the next day.

I took an interest in working with Kink.com after I saw Lynn's work with Hogtied. I really enjoy Kink's websites, as I think they offer cutting edge content with concepts. Couple that with the fact that they are right in the heart of San Francisco makes it an attractive venue for me. Last year, when the talent director contacted me, I was living in Den Haag, the Netherlands with my girlfriend, IFBB Pro, Saskia Salemink. Although I wanted to work with them, the timing was not right, and I was still in "bodybuilder mode". I returned to the USA in May of 2008.

And being in "bodybuilder mode" is the perfect segue into why I titled this post "Back in the Saddle". I am home from my travels ever so briefly, before I return to California and Las Vegas, attending the USA Bodybuilding Championships, where I will shoot with a few of my girlfriends in the bodybuilder industry, including, Roxie Rain, Angie Salvagno (both top level national competitors in their weight classes), and Melissa Detwiller. All three of these girls are my all time favorites to shoot with. Why? Because they are all passionate about the art form of bodybuilding and I see them as the new breed of the female bodybuilder in the 21st century. They are all sexy beyond belief, are comfortable in their own skin, have stable home lives and values, yet are extremely independent. I will also be in the company of my good friend, Nikki Fuller, an IFBB pro that is perhaps one of the sexiest female bodybuilders of all time. Nikki and I just enjoy each others company, and sometimes, we get around to shooting! It's kind of funny in a way that we do not devote more time to our respective businesses, but, at the end of the day, we are just girls wanting to enjoy life and each other's company! I am also hoping to work with another sexy Amazon, Gabrielle Nicander, one of the biggest girls on the scene. So, it looks like I will have a really full line up at the USAs in Las Vegas. All of these girls are going to be in incredible shape, so, I have to get "back in the saddle" of my routine!

I miss the days of training with a world class bodybuilder, Saskia, and her trainer in Den Haag. We would get up in the morning, usually very late, and get to the gym to train with Peter Kneetman, the owner of "Kneets Gym", in Den Haag. I did this for six months with Saskia. We lived, ate, and breathed the bodybuilding lifestyle. I have done this before, but not quite on the level that Saskia and Peter demanded from me. Within a very short period of time, I was growing very strong, and made a gain of about 10 pounds of muscle while I lived over there. My weights in all lifts increased meteorically. How could they not? With five square meals of protein on schedule, and a good support team, my body had no choice, and my mind never doubted anything. Saskia was quite a bit stronger than me on most lifts, with the exception of bench presses and leg endurance. While I lived with Sas, my weight was generally right around 95kg, or 210 pounds, and I was never leaner or happier at this weight. It just suited me very well. I can recall my best incline press just before we left for the Arnold Classic in March, 2007, we loaded the bar at 20kg x 3 each side, which is approximately 309 pounds. I was able to perform this free weight lift 8 times, the first 2 with a lift off and spot, and the final 6 with a light spot, the last two, much tighter. I have strong shoulders, and had no problem with it, and my back grew thicker and stronger, so it could support this weight, and I have retained my gains since living in Holland. The photo for this article was taken only a week after the 309 incline press, and you can see how thick my triceps and shoulders are. This was perhaps the strongest I have ever been.

Today, after a seriously long lay off from hardcore training like I did in Holland, I decided I must get myself back on track again. Managing a website, performing on webcam, and globetrotting around the world shooting content for my website is not conducive to maintaining a hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle.

I train at several gyms around the city of Albuquerque, NM. The main one I always train at when I want no distractions is Liberty Gym, a hardcore gym, where one of my good friends, former bodybuilder Romeo Villarino, spots me and cracks the whip on me (for a change, I must be submissive!). I also train at NM Sports and Wellness, where I can do mindless cardio and a light workout, relax in the pool, sauna and steamroom. I enjoy NMSW, because it is so close to my house, and one of my former training partners trains there, so if I need a spot, I can always count on him, unless he is too busy flirting with the girls in the gym, but ultimately, he remembers who was his boss! LOL.

So, I decided that I must train one bodypart balls to the wall each day. I will also couple one bodypart training with my Russian Kettlebell training, primarily swings and snatches. And, of course, I will hit my beast of a Stairclimber daily. Believe it or not, that's all I do to maintain my 18" calves! I can only look at the stairclimber, and my calves grow. I wish that were true for my biceps, which are only 16 inches, and pumped 17, so I have at least one or two more inches for them to grow to catch up with my calves.

So, I am "back in the saddle" this week. After I return to from Cali and Vegas, I will be home for all of August and September, which really excites me, as I am going to really focus on my training, particularly the Russian Kettlebell with some snatches and overhead lifts, because I am going to focus more on lifts and carries of human beings in shooting content for www.Goddess of Fetish.com. I am seriously becoming recognized as a lift and carry Amazon. I think it is great fun, but the liftee loves the ride even more! For me, it is all about the challenge of something, and that is what life is all about...discovering new experiences, and challenging yourself beyond your old expectations. And, the submissive side of Amber Steel is the fact that I really enjoy giving other people a true thrill. It's like riding a roller coaster. And life is like a rollercoaster. Who doesn't enjoy getting that thrill, and those butterflies, no matter what you are doing? That's what drives human nature, the "fight or flight" encounter, but no matter what it is, it drives adrenalin, and that's what makes us feel truly alive.

So, please stay tuned to Steel Universe, as there are plenty of more adrenalin driving supercharged events to make us all feel more alive!

Amber Steel

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