Saturday, February 22, 2020

Amber TOPS the Trapper

After the French trapper runs into a brick wall of Amber, and she lifts him onto her shoulder and gives showing him who is in control, she takes him to one of her camps at the mountain.  There she places him on her buffalo robe, where only a few chosen men and women have laid.  She mounts him, and pins him with her powerful, tanned, muscular body.  He writhes in pain and humiliation, but despite his best efforts, is unable to escape.  Amber breast smothers him, and he is having a hard time breathing--this is how she likes to wear a man down.  She sits on his face and uses him for her pleasure.  She grinds on him with her body, and as strong as he appears, is clearly no match for Amber. She flexes her back and arms over the top of him, and he is in complete awe.  Even the men from his country and not built like this.  She puts him in a body scissors and squeezes his ribs and midsection, and he feels his air slowly being squeezed out of him; fearing she will snap his ribs. She pinches his nipples and flexes her powerful arm, showing him she is in supreme control.  When he struggles to get away, the vice grip of her powerful thighs grip him harder; yet if he lies there, he fears he will suffocate, or slip away into "Trapper Heaven".  He vows to himself he will never cross Indian lands again for as long as he lives, and if he does; he somehow hopes he is at the mercy of Amber again.  Although it is a grueling, painful experience, there is a rush of heady, intoxicating pleasure when she uses him for her pleasure that ordinary fair skinned women, firewater, and medicinal herbs simply cannot replicate.

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