Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Desert Cirque Strong Woman Amber's Troupe

In this full feature act, Madame Amber is the Grande Dame of her dance troupe. The burlesque dancers entice the lost clown in the desert to find his Goddess.  He is always joking around, and drinking.  Amber is performing with her troupe, practicing feats of strength, including an Overhead lift with one of her dancers.  The sun goes down, and Amber retires for the day, after a hard day of lifting people, bending steel, and flexing her gigantic muscles in preparation for the Big Show.  As the sun rises, her beloved long lost clown, sees her out on the sand dune in the desert.  He could not believe his eyes.  He was thinking Amber was a mirage.  He had been waiting all his life for her.  And, not only did he lose his way in the desert, but he had lost his way in life and needed her guidance.  Amber approaches the clown, and flexes for him, gives him a kiss, and smothers him in her mammoth bosom. She flexes her powerful arms, that wrap around him tightly, in a bearhug.   He was in heaven.  He had never laid eyes on a woman so powerful, sensual, and exotic looking.  Amber wanted to make sure he knew this was a night he would never forget, so she showed him her power.  She lifts him overhead and twirls him around as if he were a ragdoll.  As the sun goes down, the fire dancers pay homage to the Goddess, Amber.  The desert takes on a life of Her own, and the wind stirs and the clouds darken.  An ominous cloud is now over the clown, but Amber stands in the light.  He drops to his knees to thank the Heavens and the Mother Goddess, the Creator of heaven and earth, the desert, and his Goddess Amber for this moment.  He will never forget this very moment on the day he met Amber.  Very dramatic and cinematic photography, showcasing Amber's incomparable strength and sensuality.

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