Thursday, May 12, 2022

 Season of Change

It's hard to believe where time goes. It seems as we age it goes even faster. So much has happened in the past several years I'm not sure where to begin.  Those of you who have missed me I truly appreciate you. And those of you who have supported me through the pandemic with your contributions, I truly appreciate it.

My last official European tour to visit friends and family was in the fall of 2019. I went to London, Milan, and returned home. I anticipated traveling to France as well, but I had a lingering pain in my right hip that would not go away. I had severe degenerative osteoarthritis in my hip. It really just crept up on me and I had no idea the kind of pain I would endure before the surgery. I am not one to take painkillers or medicine to mask any type of pain I am having. I had a PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections in the summer of 2019.  I went out of pocket for this medical procedure and it was very expensive, and only helped marginally. I decided I would move forward with a total hip replacement surgery in December 2019.  It is natural to want to know the cause of something like this, however, I can only point to my athletic career as a volleyball player early in life and during my college and military years as well as being an elite strength athlete for several years.  With so much repetition in certain exercises with not only body weight but with massive amounts of weight, overtime, something has got to give, and it usually does. In my case, it was my hip. Fortunately, although x-ray show I have some degeneration in my left hip it is not anywhere near the problem I had in my right hip.

Upon returning home from my tour in late November 2019, I prepared for my surgery. All in all, it went very well and the pain was completely gone upon completion of the surgery. Obviously, the site where they did the incision was sore and I had to learn how to walk again which only took me about two weeks. The rehabilitation went very well and I was back in the gym in no time. I am no stranger to major surgeries, as I have had two ACL repaired on both my right and left knee. With the last surgery being in 2016 for my left ACL, which happened during a production. The first one was in 1996 when I was an American gladiator in Orlando Florida.

During my recovery, we were right in the midst of the onset of Covid – 19. This pandemic affected me financially, socially, and professionally. I completely stopped filming any productions, and had to rely upon the residual income from my productions over the years. I have been actively producing content and traveling for the better part of the past 16 years. I really enjoyed the much-needed break, as I never take vacations, and was a complete workaholic, which takes a toll on one's personal life amongst other things. It is hard for me to admit this because I truly enjoy what I do and I always have. The day I no longer enjoy what I do for a living, is the day I will stop doing it and change.

This leads me to forge onward and upward. I still have a lot of things I would like to accomplish in the industry, and I am inspired, hence, the title of this article, "Season of Change".  

Many of us were affected by COVID-19 and know friends and family that were affected by the disease and perhaps may have even died from it. During the pandemic, I discovered that one of my favorite models/actors, Fotios, from Greece, was tragically killed by a drunk driver in his hometown. We built a beautiful relationship over the years and have been filming since 2006, the day we met on the Fourth of July. It broke my heart to discover the news on Facebook. And, when I return from my trip from Europe before my hip surgery, I discovered a close friend of mine, Jason, who was helping me with my technology and website development was tragically killed on his Harley Davidson motorcycle here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Again, it was such a tragic thing for me to find out through Facebook.  Jason and I developed a pretty close friendship and he enjoyed bodybuilding as well. We trained quite a bit in the summer of 2018 before my travels and productions.

During the pandemic, I also lost my two favorite Bengal cats, Zeus, and Cesare.  I was very close to both of them because I got them in 2004 right about the time I started competing in bodybuilding and blossoming into my career. They have seen me through many times, relationships, and homes. You could say they were my best friends. They were both 17 years old when they passed over the rainbow bridge. I truly hope to see them both in the afterlife.

I have a full house of cats once again. I adopted Milos, a Savannah boy, then Luna, a Savannah girl, and Loki, a Bengal boy.  I still have Hercules, a Bengal boy who I adopted after I return from Den Haag, Netherlands, in 2008. I guess you could say I went a little cat crazy but I love my kitties. They keep me busy and entertained and I am a real cat person.

I was actually diagnosed with Covid in early January 2022. It was nothing very serious, and I only had  cold and flu symptoms. I have been vaccinated and boosted.  About the same time I contracted COVID-19, one of my best friends for the past 17 years, Alfred, caught it as well. Alfred and I used to travel to bodybuilding shows and enjoy social events.  Alfred suffered from late stage Parkinson's disease, and he had been falling quite a bit as well as having some other health issues. I visited him during Thanksgiving of 2021. I purchased a ticket to go visit him in Scottsdale, in early February, but as they say, death waits for no one, and I missed out on seeing my best friend one last time. His brother, Bob, told me that it seemed to be a peaceful passing. Al told me several years ago when he visited me here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that if he had to live with Parkinson's for the rest of his life that he "does not fear death and welcomes it."  

If only we could all have such a Zen-like approach to death, which completes the circle of life, I think we could understand life a little bit better. Jason and Fotios were my age and Alfred was 20 years older than myself.  It was incredibly difficult for me losing friends and my fur babies, but this is the nature of life. Once we understand how delicate and temporary life truly is, the better we can understand life and how important it is to embrace, show compassion and kindness, give and receive love, and treat others as we would like to be treated, the better off we are. During the season of change, I realize how important it is to love both tirelessly and fearlessly because there is nothing in between.

In summation, I am training wisely, revitalizing and revamping my website, Goddess of Fetish, producing new content, and I will begin traveling in the USA later this summer and fall as well as Europe. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @amberdeluca, other inquiries email

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Desert Cirque Strong Woman Amber's Troupe

In this full feature act, Madame Amber is the Grande Dame of her dance troupe. The burlesque dancers entice the lost clown in the desert to find his Goddess.  He is always joking around, and drinking.  Amber is performing with her troupe, practicing feats of strength, including an Overhead lift with one of her dancers.  The sun goes down, and Amber retires for the day, after a hard day of lifting people, bending steel, and flexing her gigantic muscles in preparation for the Big Show.  As the sun rises, her beloved long lost clown, sees her out on the sand dune in the desert.  He could not believe his eyes.  He was thinking Amber was a mirage.  He had been waiting all his life for her.  And, not only did he lose his way in the desert, but he had lost his way in life and needed her guidance.  Amber approaches the clown, and flexes for him, gives him a kiss, and smothers him in her mammoth bosom. She flexes her powerful arms, that wrap around him tightly, in a bearhug.   He was in heaven.  He had never laid eyes on a woman so powerful, sensual, and exotic looking.  Amber wanted to make sure he knew this was a night he would never forget, so she showed him her power.  She lifts him overhead and twirls him around as if he were a ragdoll.  As the sun goes down, the fire dancers pay homage to the Goddess, Amber.  The desert takes on a life of Her own, and the wind stirs and the clouds darken.  An ominous cloud is now over the clown, but Amber stands in the light.  He drops to his knees to thank the Heavens and the Mother Goddess, the Creator of heaven and earth, the desert, and his Goddess Amber for this moment.  He will never forget this very moment on the day he met Amber.  Very dramatic and cinematic photography, showcasing Amber's incomparable strength and sensuality.

Get the clip at:

Friday, April 17, 2020

Happy Quarantine Friday

Goddess of Fetish Update:

Camille is getting playful with Amber and a bit rowdy.  Amber takes Camllle over her knee, OTK, and spanks her bare ass, with enough discipline to make it flush red.  Just enough to teach her who the boss is. She squeals and giggles with delight and a little pain.  Amber's big strong, powerful hands are in supreme control--just like the Goddess she is, and demands total respect. 

As we sit at home, unable to socialize at bars, pubs, restaurants, and other places of social gathering, I contemplate all my big projects I have yet to finalize, and even some new ones.  

First things first, though, I would like to give you a code to my Clips4Sale store, in which I would like you to use for the remainder of the month of April.  The owner of the site, Neal, has so kindly and generously offered all producers a 100% commission this month due to Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions.  We must distribute this code to all outside sources; blogs, social media, etc.  So, here it is:

I am happy to say I am energized and revitalized during this time at home, and it is a quiet time for us all to reflect upon our own lives, and to see where we can make improvements.  It has inspired me to be more creative in all that I do.  I see more clearly without the day-to-day minutiae and tasks/errands.  I have virtually no distractions other than my cats, and my own home gym, which I am fortunate to have right now.  

Stay tuned to my blog for further developments.  

Friday, March 6, 2020

Loyalist Update at Clips4Sale Store

I have updated part one of my most recent clip at my Clips4sale store.  As a performer over the past 15 years or so, I often end up counseling men and women that are models for my productions.  The fact is, I am very much the same person in my scripted scenarios, and it is a genuine extension of my persona.  I think this is best, because it is an authentic experience for all involved.  Here is a description of the latest:

Goddess Amber is many things to many people in her personal and professional life.  She has her Ph.d. in Counseling, which makes her so amazing at what she does in her life.  Not only the years of experience living life, but her educational background seems to really help the men and women she encounters in her life.  Today, she meets with Jeannie, a local exotic dancer/stripper, seeks Amber's guidance in her life.  She is really struggling with whether she wants to remain in this line of work.  Amber briefly counsels her in the fine art and craft of "sex work". She gently advises Jeannie that in order to fully embrace the work and flourish, she must defy her socialization.  She reminds Jeannie that her work is important and carries great responsibility.  She is a goddess in her own right, and to understand this, she must learn to accept this great power and responsibility and act accordingly, healing her clients that visit her for sexual gratification.  She advises Jeannie that it is not merely "sex work", but deep soulful work that can heal not only herself, but naturally, her clients.  Jeannie has taken an interest in competing in pole dance competitions, and she has a lean, lithe body, but she really admires Amber's Amazonic, tall, powerful frame. In fact, Jeannie confesses her deepest, darkest fantasy of being with an Amazon Warrior woman.  Amber demonstrates her strength and power to her, so she knows what a real woman is capable of doing.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Amber TOPS the Trapper

After the French trapper runs into a brick wall of Amber, and she lifts him onto her shoulder and gives showing him who is in control, she takes him to one of her camps at the mountain.  There she places him on her buffalo robe, where only a few chosen men and women have laid.  She mounts him, and pins him with her powerful, tanned, muscular body.  He writhes in pain and humiliation, but despite his best efforts, is unable to escape.  Amber breast smothers him, and he is having a hard time breathing--this is how she likes to wear a man down.  She sits on his face and uses him for her pleasure.  She grinds on him with her body, and as strong as he appears, is clearly no match for Amber. She flexes her back and arms over the top of him, and he is in complete awe.  Even the men from his country and not built like this.  She puts him in a body scissors and squeezes his ribs and midsection, and he feels his air slowly being squeezed out of him; fearing she will snap his ribs. She pinches his nipples and flexes her powerful arm, showing him she is in supreme control.  When he struggles to get away, the vice grip of her powerful thighs grip him harder; yet if he lies there, he fears he will suffocate, or slip away into "Trapper Heaven".  He vows to himself he will never cross Indian lands again for as long as he lives, and if he does; he somehow hopes he is at the mercy of Amber again.  Although it is a grueling, painful experience, there is a rush of heady, intoxicating pleasure when she uses him for her pleasure that ordinary fair skinned women, firewater, and medicinal herbs simply cannot replicate.

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Sunday, February 16, 2020



Amber recruits a man, Nate, from social media, as he has discovered some of her work on the Internet.  He claims he has a strong desire be in one of her movies.  She decides to meet him out for a drink and audition him for a future role.  They meet at a local bar and Amber has a couple margaritas, taking him back to her studio office in downtown Albuquerque.  She gives him a taste of what he will be up against, and lifts him by the armpits in the elevator to her office. He is a short, thick, muscular bodybuilder, so he was quite surprised a woman is able to lift him.  He appears both turned on and afraid at the same time.  Amber seems to have this effect on many men.  They get to the office, and Amber gets Nate a drink and they begin chatting about future projects.  She asks him what he thinks about her brand of work, "Amazon fetish", and she asks him if he knows what he is getting himself into, as she is 5'9 and 230 lbs, and Nate is about 5'5 and 175 lbs.  He states that he is both turned on and a little bit afraid, but he likes the challenge.  Amber makes him strip down to his underwear so she can get a better look at his body.  She then touches his calves and plays with him a bit, just to get an idea of the hardness of his physique.  She comments on his body and it is clear he is feeling a bit self conscious.  He feels like a piece of meat on display for a superior, dominant lady. Amber tells him to come back to pick up the script and she will test him "further", not really knowing what that means. Amber leers at his back as he looks out of the office building, into the dark skies, a bit afraid of the unknown and what he has gotten himself into.  He now has an idea of how female actors feel intimidated by the male "casting couch" experience, and wonder just how far this will go.  But, he is willing to do what it takes to please Goddess Amber, as she is the break he so desperately needs to get into the adult industry so he can move to LA or Las Vegas.  See the clip at:

Warrior Women

The Warrior Goddess, Ponca-sa, advises a young maiden, Fawn, that the primary duty of women is to always be strong. Ponca-sa's younger sister, Mahala, (Feminine power) tells Fawn that one day, when she becomes a woman, and discovers her feminine gifts, she will receive her new name. But first, she must be initiated in the rites of passage of understanding the true power of being a Warrior Woman. Ponca-sa and Mahala demonstrate their physical powers with Fawn, as they pass her back and forth in the blazing desert heat. Fawn is captured and attacked by a French trapper, and must fight her way out.  See the full feature here: