Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amazons Rock Vegas at the Olympia!

Left to right: Shawn Tan, 6'0 190, Amber Steel, 5'9, 210, Buffbunny (Kristal), 5'9, 210
These photos were taken at "Nine" Steakhouse at the Palms after the Ms. Olympia night show. I have never been to the Palms, but it really is a place to people watch and be seen. In fact, Hulk Hogan was sitting directly across from our table. There is no shortage of beautiful people there, and it is a pretty hip place. Whenever I go to Vegas, I just want to relax, as I am not one to party much, drinking or otherwise. Now, if you know me, you know that I can throw down my fair share of booze with nary an ill effect with the exception of sleeping all day and have a little headache. While I do not get violent when I drink, the exhibitionist tends to come out even moreso. I am a natural nudist, and I hate clothes. So, if I have had few drinks or a bottle of wine, there is little inhibition on my part. And, in classic form, the girls in this photo with me were feeling their oats, too! So, we caused quite a stir with the guys at the bar, and in the restaurant after our meal. We posed, flexed and choked out anyone in our near proximity. The staff at Nine loved it, and begged for Shawn and myself to go into the back to put a hurting on the chef! So, we snuck into the back, as they wanted us to surprise him...ah the element of surprise! We immediately grabbed him, and I took a rear naked choke on him (not too hard) and Shawn did a body scissors on him (she is about 6'0 tall and all of 185 pounds). He panicked when Shawn was scissoring him, as he apparently had a hernia surgery not too long ago. We took it easy on him, but he totally loved it and the staff got a lot of great photos. Kristal videotaped it and got shots. All in all, we were just acting natural, doing what Amazons do--and totally loving it.

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