Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leg Day

Everyone from fitness competitors, to figure girls, to hardcore bodybuilders absolutely dread "leg day". Probably because it is the largest muscle group in the body (then back), and it requires lots of oxygen, pain tolerance, and guts to get through a tough leg day. It also separates the men from the boys, shall we say, OK, and the women from the girls. Nothing connotes a powerful physique more than a great pair of legs.

I decided to go light today, and focus on strict, tight form, and get out of the gym in an hour. Which is very difficult to do on leg day, but when one trains alone, like I do most of the time, it can be done. So, I did Smith Machine squats, after a three set warm up, then went on to do 3x10, super deep, ass to calves squats, staying tight. Afterwards, I could feel my thighs engorged with blood, and throbbing. They were already beginning to get stiff from lactic acid build up, so I stretched a lot in between. I trained at the New Mexico Sports and Wellness club tonight, and there are not many hardcore athletes there, so I am always amused by the stares I get, probably due to my size and the weight I am always lifting, even though it is light by my standards.

I have had a good diet of chicken, rice and fish the past couple of days, and it feels really good to eat clean food at home again, versus being on the road. The kiss of death is airport food, but sometimes you gotta eat it! If I am lucky, I can find a decent chicken salad in a restaurant, otherwise, those terrible kiosks are the worst.

Tomorrow will be back day, then shoulder day, then arm day on Friday. The soreness has already settled into my chest from yesterday, and my legs will be moderately sore tomorrow.

I am off to perform on webcam at, to capture the noctural fans here in the USA, but mostly the Euros.

The updates on my website, are going well, and eventually, I will offer specialty webcam shows on the site. The website is always a "work in progress", and it can only get better. I am confident that with my new team, it will become a work of art.

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