Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buff Girls

I loved this shot I took with Nikki Fuller a couple of summers ago. Steve Wennerstrom was the photographer, IFBB Historian, and writer for many physique publications. I had just returned from Holland, and Nikki was ripped and ready for a show, even though she no longer competes as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. We were pretty much in awe of each other the entire weekend. The contrast between our bodytypes in size, muscle shape, skin color and hair was a nice effect. Yet, the similarity and fullness of the muscle bellies is even nicer. Perhaps one day, we will shoot again.

Yesterday was a good day shoulder day and I ended up military pressing (standing) about 165 for 5, no cheating. I kind of feel it in my mid back, but I used a belt and it's not really a bad sore. I also snatched the 24kg RKB for 10 each arm after the presses, and it did not feel hard or out of control. I went on to do some standing Arnold presses, which was difficult after the military presses. Then I just finished up with laterals so the shoulders will look pretty and some rear delt machine flyes and abs. Jason had to get off to a hot date, so I cut him loose early. I finished with an hour of treadmill. It's not so bad when you have good music or a good program to watch. I watched the semi finals of the Ultimate Fighter. I enjoy watching the fights, it's perhaps the only sporting event I am remotely intrigued by. I like it because it is so complex and the training so rigorous. It's a chess match of modern day gladiators. Just no lions. Speaking of which, I will post my photos of Rome soon. I have all my photos spread out between a few computers.

I have some stuff to work on the website today, and Dave and I are working diligently on the revamp. I am very excited about the launch.

I have a very good feeling that 2010 is going to be a very interesting year.

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  1. you do lift a lot.. i hope i will be in that zone next year :D