Monday, September 12, 2011

Strongwoman training in Las Vegas

So, I took a bit of time off from my training this past summer, as I do from time to time. But, it came at a time when I trained my heavy overhead pressing with my benching and squatting, and all my numbers were way up. OH pressing was back to 215x2-3 reps, squatting and benching over 300 raw. So, this gave me a good base for a short layoff, which I took mainly to focus on my production work for Goddess of Fetish. I am kind of like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter, making sure I produced enough content to get me through the winter, so I can focus on my training, Strongwoman shows, touring in November, and holiday with family in December.

I am training at Nick Best's place, where he has all of the implements that I will ever see. And, most importantly, between Nick and his wife, Callie, I have a couple of experts that have been in the sport for many years to fine tune my technique on the events. The first time I went to train at Nick's, which is usually Sundays, mid morning on into mid afternoon, when the Vegas sun is at it's highest, he put me through the ringer. I had only gone with the intention that I was going to master one event at a time. Nick just kept pushing me through all the events I would do in a typical competition. I started off with the log press, and got talked into farmers walk, tire flip with sled, deadlift, and then stones at the end. It was grueling, but fun. I learned a lot about technique and also that I could make it through the events.

During the week, I train at Mark Phillipi's Sports Institute, where I combine my strength training with some implements. I am preparing for two major shows--September 24th and November 5th. The first show is a qualifier for nationals, and the nationals are on the 5th of November. So, I still have to train heavy, but also condition for speed. I take my days off seriously, only swimming and getting massage and steam to keep my muscles flexible and recovered.

I am at my all time strongest ever, and I know I have lots of room for improvement since I am so new to the sport. It has reinvigorated my competitive drive and has given me focus. My bodyweight is right around 217-220 now. I do not do any extra cardio, as most of the events require anaerobic/sprint type drive and power with some endurance. Lifting the implements has helped put the weight on, and I must say, it is quality weight! It sure makes everything much easier to lift! Stay tuned for my progress notes.