Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buff Girls

I loved this shot I took with Nikki Fuller a couple of summers ago. Steve Wennerstrom was the photographer, IFBB Historian, and writer for many physique publications. I had just returned from Holland, and Nikki was ripped and ready for a show, even though she no longer competes as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. We were pretty much in awe of each other the entire weekend. The contrast between our bodytypes in size, muscle shape, skin color and hair was a nice effect. Yet, the similarity and fullness of the muscle bellies is even nicer. Perhaps one day, we will shoot again.

Yesterday was a good day shoulder day and I ended up military pressing (standing) about 165 for 5, no cheating. I kind of feel it in my mid back, but I used a belt and it's not really a bad sore. I also snatched the 24kg RKB for 10 each arm after the presses, and it did not feel hard or out of control. I went on to do some standing Arnold presses, which was difficult after the military presses. Then I just finished up with laterals so the shoulders will look pretty and some rear delt machine flyes and abs. Jason had to get off to a hot date, so I cut him loose early. I finished with an hour of treadmill. It's not so bad when you have good music or a good program to watch. I watched the semi finals of the Ultimate Fighter. I enjoy watching the fights, it's perhaps the only sporting event I am remotely intrigued by. I like it because it is so complex and the training so rigorous. It's a chess match of modern day gladiators. Just no lions. Speaking of which, I will post my photos of Rome soon. I have all my photos spread out between a few computers.

I have some stuff to work on the website today, and Dave and I are working diligently on the revamp. I am very excited about the launch.

I have a very good feeling that 2010 is going to be a very interesting year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sultry and Sexy at Santa Monica Pier

As I have told you before, I will spoil you with photos that I think capture something special. Many of these photos are not even in any of my galleries and have never been released, but are in my private stock. This one grabbed my attention because it epitomizes what I have always strived for, both as an athlete and a physique artist. And that is, sensual form and sexy curves and lines, but also a functional and aesthetic figure. My roots are in sport, training as a swimmer, track athlete, volleyball player, and a lot of other things in between. I was obsessed with strength and, later, form when I was a young girl. I can still remember the first time I ever lifted a weight, I was about 13 years old, and the volleyball coach told us to go through the Nautilus circuit a couple times. I would spend 1/2 a day there going through it several times and dabbling in free weights. It wasn't long before I was able to bench press 135 pounds at 15 years old--for repetitions. I then saw some photos of Rachel McClish and Cory Everson, and I knew immediately that one day, I would develop my body to that level. That is why this photo has so much significance to me, because it reminds me of my dream in my mind's eye of what I wanted to look like. And, I also thought that women with muscle were beautiful, and if they could retain the pleasing lines and most significantly, facial beauty, it was the height of perfection. So, I knew that after my first few bodybuilding shows, I had surpassed my dreams, and that is a great feeling. When this happens, one can only keep dreaming about pushing the genetic boundaries of one's frame as far as strength, functionality and aesthetic. With proper timing of meals, a high quality diet in wild game and vegetables, rest, and a few other factors, I think a very high quality of life can be achieved. I also believe that you must surround yourself with positive people that can enhance your outlook on life. Great friends, lovers, and family are key. I also advocate lots of good, healthy sex, (with yourself or a partner) but obviously with a partner, it's always better! And, please do not forget a little red wine, and I will throw a little vodka in there on the weekends in moderation. You must breathe heavily and deeply every day, either through your training, cardio, sex, meditation or other means. What's left? Deep breathing connects your energy to the Universe and makes you feel more alive. Ever notice how great you feel after great sex, cardio, training, or an adrenaline rush? Or the natural high of life you get by helping other people feel good about themselves in some way. I think we need to ensure that we get our own healthy dose of oxygen and endorphins daily--it does a body good and puts a smile on your face!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back Shot

Just thought I would share my backshot with you that I had taken yesterday in the gym. I had a great back training day. I started out with a couple sets of pull ups, followed by some bent over rows, in which I went up to 205 and pulled pretty clean without cheating. I had two training partners I was assisting, so they just followed me. We went on to do an assortment of machine rows and pulls and called it a day. I always finish off now with some RKB swings and snatches at the end of every workout since I will focus on preparation for the RKB certification in April, 2010. I am already snatching 20kg for 15 each hand, and I think I will be able to increase the repetitions provided I do it regularly. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger in everything. I met my one friend, Jess in the gym, who competed in the Ms. Figure America show last weekend in Las Vegas. I wanted to try to catch her show, but missed it. When I saw her in the gym, she told me she placed 2nd! I was so excited and happy for her. She landed quite a few shoots with photogs from Oxygen Magazine and she did a mock up covershoot. I have no doubt she will grace the cover one day very soon. I met her when she was about 15 years old when I first came to Albuquerque, NM to work for the BIA. I used to eat breakfast at The Range Cafe, where she was a waitress. I always remember her chatting with me and asking me questions about training. She was so thin in those days, and played a lot of soccer. She certainly has come a long day since those days, and it makes me smile inside to know that in some small way, I perhaps motivated and inspired her. My training bud, Jason, snapped this photo, and Jess popped by to say hello. Her and her boyfriend asked me to pose once again, so of course, I spread my wings for them...LOL! We had a nice, brief chat about training and diet and we were off to eat. I grilled a bunch of chicken and had a nice salad with feta cheese, tomato and a glass of red wine. Yummy! I did not eat enough protein or food at all. It's always bad when I get on these nocturnal schedules because I end up sleeping in which cuts into my food time and I end up skipping meals. This week, though, back to the normal schedule and eating!