Thursday, September 13, 2012

Human Kettlebell Overhead Lift

Ok, so I know it has been ages since I have posted in my blog.  I have not been idle, trust me on this. I am always in motion.   I have spent the past three months here in San Diego, California, living with a good friend of mine, Bill Wick.  He is the pioneer of womens fantasy wrestling, and no one does it better than Bill.  It's cool to talk shop with him about how the industry has evolved.  I believe that everyone in our lives and every path that we take serves a place and purpose in all that we do.  As I try to get my act together, sorting out my social media, marketing, and revamping my Goddess of Fetish website, I am also training, working  webcam on as my "day job", and searching for new talent for my video productions.  

I represent the "21st century" breed of Muscle Domina.  With the advent of technology, everything is faster and easier for a solo model/producer to get her product to market, but it does not come without caveats.  Primarily, staying on top of trends, and new ways of doing business are critical, otherwise, you get left behind, and so does your business.  One has to be willing and able to learn something new everyday, and I think this is important for life in general. 

It certainly has been an exciting summer here in San Diego, as I have focused primarily on getting a lot of my old files edited, and producing new content.  My shot to the top 10 again last month, with several clips in the top 10.  It's not easy staying on top! I made a point to go the the Tampa Fetish Convention (FetCon) and rounded up four models, two boys and two girls.  I met, Alyssa Hart, brand new talent on the scene at 77 pounds, and I knew right away what I would do with her if I ever had the opportunity to work with her! I would turn her into my human kettlebell.  And, luckily, she had a short window of time, so I was able to film with her.  The work is a four part series, and I have updated in the store, "Amber Steel One Armlifts Alyssa Hart Human Kettlebell Pt 1", and "Amber Steel Multiple Lifts Alysssa Hart, Pt 2".  The former clip is climbing the charts and is currently holding the #8 position at the moment.  I expect that one to go to the number one slot before the end of the month. 

I have been focusing on my training as much as I can, also, and I am trying to maintain my overall mass and strength levels, while at the same time get leaner.   I simply look better on film when I have a litle more veins and less bodyfat.  And, I have met quite a few film makers this summer and a few have expressed interest on doing a lifestyle documentary for me.  I figure, I am in the peak of my game right now, and "doing it".  I have been at a few points in my life where I have been so freaky strong, and looked incredible, but I was so immersed in the training or the lifestyle of the phsique culture, that I failed to capture a lot of it on film.  I am now in a position where my friends can gently remind me of the validity and importance of capturing this sort of thing. 

I have a very good feeling, that the best me is yet to come!