Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Desert Cirque Strong Woman Amber's Troupe

In this full feature act, Madame Amber is the Grande Dame of her dance troupe. The burlesque dancers entice the lost clown in the desert to find his Goddess.  He is always joking around, and drinking.  Amber is performing with her troupe, practicing feats of strength, including an Overhead lift with one of her dancers.  The sun goes down, and Amber retires for the day, after a hard day of lifting people, bending steel, and flexing her gigantic muscles in preparation for the Big Show.  As the sun rises, her beloved long lost clown, sees her out on the sand dune in the desert.  He could not believe his eyes.  He was thinking Amber was a mirage.  He had been waiting all his life for her.  And, not only did he lose his way in the desert, but he had lost his way in life and needed her guidance.  Amber approaches the clown, and flexes for him, gives him a kiss, and smothers him in her mammoth bosom. She flexes her powerful arms, that wrap around him tightly, in a bearhug.   He was in heaven.  He had never laid eyes on a woman so powerful, sensual, and exotic looking.  Amber wanted to make sure he knew this was a night he would never forget, so she showed him her power.  She lifts him overhead and twirls him around as if he were a ragdoll.  As the sun goes down, the fire dancers pay homage to the Goddess, Amber.  The desert takes on a life of Her own, and the wind stirs and the clouds darken.  An ominous cloud is now over the clown, but Amber stands in the light.  He drops to his knees to thank the Heavens and the Mother Goddess, the Creator of heaven and earth, the desert, and his Goddess Amber for this moment.  He will never forget this very moment on the day he met Amber.  Very dramatic and cinematic photography, showcasing Amber's incomparable strength and sensuality.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Happy Quarantine Friday

Goddess of Fetish Update:

Camille is getting playful with Amber and a bit rowdy.  Amber takes Camllle over her knee, OTK, and spanks her bare ass, with enough discipline to make it flush red.  Just enough to teach her who the boss is. She squeals and giggles with delight and a little pain.  Amber's big strong, powerful hands are in supreme control--just like the Goddess she is, and demands total respect. 

As we sit at home, unable to socialize at bars, pubs, restaurants, and other places of social gathering, I contemplate all my big projects I have yet to finalize, and even some new ones.  

First things first, though, I would like to give you a code to my Clips4Sale store, in which I would like you to use for the remainder of the month of April.  The owner of the site, Neal, has so kindly and generously offered all producers a 100% commission this month due to Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions.  We must distribute this code to all outside sources; blogs, social media, etc.  So, here it is:

I am happy to say I am energized and revitalized during this time at home, and it is a quiet time for us all to reflect upon our own lives, and to see where we can make improvements.  It has inspired me to be more creative in all that I do.  I see more clearly without the day-to-day minutiae and tasks/errands.  I have virtually no distractions other than my cats, and my own home gym, which I am fortunate to have right now.  

Stay tuned to my blog for further developments.  

Friday, March 6, 2020

Loyalist Update at Clips4Sale Store

I have updated part one of my most recent clip at my Clips4sale store.  As a performer over the past 15 years or so, I often end up counseling men and women that are models for my productions.  The fact is, I am very much the same person in my scripted scenarios, and it is a genuine extension of my persona.  I think this is best, because it is an authentic experience for all involved.  Here is a description of the latest:

Goddess Amber is many things to many people in her personal and professional life.  She has her Ph.d. in Counseling, which makes her so amazing at what she does in her life.  Not only the years of experience living life, but her educational background seems to really help the men and women she encounters in her life.  Today, she meets with Jeannie, a local exotic dancer/stripper, seeks Amber's guidance in her life.  She is really struggling with whether she wants to remain in this line of work.  Amber briefly counsels her in the fine art and craft of "sex work". She gently advises Jeannie that in order to fully embrace the work and flourish, she must defy her socialization.  She reminds Jeannie that her work is important and carries great responsibility.  She is a goddess in her own right, and to understand this, she must learn to accept this great power and responsibility and act accordingly, healing her clients that visit her for sexual gratification.  She advises Jeannie that it is not merely "sex work", but deep soulful work that can heal not only herself, but naturally, her clients.  Jeannie has taken an interest in competing in pole dance competitions, and she has a lean, lithe body, but she really admires Amber's Amazonic, tall, powerful frame. In fact, Jeannie confesses her deepest, darkest fantasy of being with an Amazon Warrior woman.  Amber demonstrates her strength and power to her, so she knows what a real woman is capable of doing.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Amber TOPS the Trapper

After the French trapper runs into a brick wall of Amber, and she lifts him onto her shoulder and gives showing him who is in control, she takes him to one of her camps at the mountain.  There she places him on her buffalo robe, where only a few chosen men and women have laid.  She mounts him, and pins him with her powerful, tanned, muscular body.  He writhes in pain and humiliation, but despite his best efforts, is unable to escape.  Amber breast smothers him, and he is having a hard time breathing--this is how she likes to wear a man down.  She sits on his face and uses him for her pleasure.  She grinds on him with her body, and as strong as he appears, is clearly no match for Amber. She flexes her back and arms over the top of him, and he is in complete awe.  Even the men from his country and not built like this.  She puts him in a body scissors and squeezes his ribs and midsection, and he feels his air slowly being squeezed out of him; fearing she will snap his ribs. She pinches his nipples and flexes her powerful arm, showing him she is in supreme control.  When he struggles to get away, the vice grip of her powerful thighs grip him harder; yet if he lies there, he fears he will suffocate, or slip away into "Trapper Heaven".  He vows to himself he will never cross Indian lands again for as long as he lives, and if he does; he somehow hopes he is at the mercy of Amber again.  Although it is a grueling, painful experience, there is a rush of heady, intoxicating pleasure when she uses him for her pleasure that ordinary fair skinned women, firewater, and medicinal herbs simply cannot replicate.

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Sunday, February 16, 2020



Amber recruits a man, Nate, from social media, as he has discovered some of her work on the Internet.  He claims he has a strong desire be in one of her movies.  She decides to meet him out for a drink and audition him for a future role.  They meet at a local bar and Amber has a couple margaritas, taking him back to her studio office in downtown Albuquerque.  She gives him a taste of what he will be up against, and lifts him by the armpits in the elevator to her office. He is a short, thick, muscular bodybuilder, so he was quite surprised a woman is able to lift him.  He appears both turned on and afraid at the same time.  Amber seems to have this effect on many men.  They get to the office, and Amber gets Nate a drink and they begin chatting about future projects.  She asks him what he thinks about her brand of work, "Amazon fetish", and she asks him if he knows what he is getting himself into, as she is 5'9 and 230 lbs, and Nate is about 5'5 and 175 lbs.  He states that he is both turned on and a little bit afraid, but he likes the challenge.  Amber makes him strip down to his underwear so she can get a better look at his body.  She then touches his calves and plays with him a bit, just to get an idea of the hardness of his physique.  She comments on his body and it is clear he is feeling a bit self conscious.  He feels like a piece of meat on display for a superior, dominant lady. Amber tells him to come back to pick up the script and she will test him "further", not really knowing what that means. Amber leers at his back as he looks out of the office building, into the dark skies, a bit afraid of the unknown and what he has gotten himself into.  He now has an idea of how female actors feel intimidated by the male "casting couch" experience, and wonder just how far this will go.  But, he is willing to do what it takes to please Goddess Amber, as she is the break he so desperately needs to get into the adult industry so he can move to LA or Las Vegas.  See the clip at:

Warrior Women

The Warrior Goddess, Ponca-sa, advises a young maiden, Fawn, that the primary duty of women is to always be strong. Ponca-sa's younger sister, Mahala, (Feminine power) tells Fawn that one day, when she becomes a woman, and discovers her feminine gifts, she will receive her new name. But first, she must be initiated in the rites of passage of understanding the true power of being a Warrior Woman. Ponca-sa and Mahala demonstrate their physical powers with Fawn, as they pass her back and forth in the blazing desert heat. Fawn is captured and attacked by a French trapper, and must fight her way out.  See the full feature here:

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Amber DeLuca Lifts, Carries, and Dominates a French Trapper

Anyone that knows me either personally, or through cyberspace, knows that I have a busy life and schedule with my love and passion for shooting fetish films, devotion to my strength training in order to lift my models and perform unusual feats of strength that very few women can do in the world.  I also have a passion for foreign travel, culinary arts including mixology, and good wine, and the lifelong pursuit of developing deep, long lasting, mutually satisfying relationships with others.  I feel life is too short to live any other way.

In today's fast paced, digitally charged world, it seems we are forever hopelessly hooked and often  preoccupied upon technology.  Despite this digital preoccupation, we must realize how to make technology best serve our needs.  Whether it is meeting others socially, shopping, educational pursuits, keeping up with world events, expressing our thoughts, whether private, political, or sexual, we still have the right of our first amendment constitutional right, "freedom of speech", a right as an American of the USA.  Freedom of speech is the hallmark of a democratic society, and we have fought long and hard battles in our history to preserve this right.

The trend on the Internet and the world we live in, seems to be moving toward restriction of our freedoms, including our constitutional rights and freedoms we formerly enjoyed in a non digital age, such as freedom of speech, and our privacy.  Certain social media platforms will actually prohibit speech or content that does not suit the views of the company, which is a great disservice to the world at large, as we need to expose ourselves to many different views and opinions of others in order to be a "global citizen".

And, my close friends know that I am and have always been a free spirit with unbridled energy to do things my way.  In the spirit of my true persona, I am committed to writing more for myself and doing things as I have always done in my life--my way.  This means I will be blogging more here, and paying a bit less attention to social media.  I casually update my Instagram account about three years ago, and some of you were loyal followers @amberdeluca.  About two weeks ago, for no known reason, my account was suspended--nixed, deleted, suspended for alleged "violation of terms of service", which, at this point, I think is in error and a mistake.  Either that, or I was a victim of the "almighty algorithm", that is AI (artificial intelligence) program that is scanning accounts for the words such as "goddess", "adult", "fetish", or "sex".  All of which I embrace and embody.  I find it a violation of not only my freedom of speech, but of my humanity.

In life, I have often seen some events as being a negative experience.  But as time goes on, something that I think is a terrible event, turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  I always turn something "negative" into a golden opportunity in my life, because it forces me to learn how to adapt to stress, which is, afterall, part of our human experience.  This has happened to me many times in my life, and the event always turned out to work out in my favor.  In this case, the IG account deletion is the perfect opportunity for me to develop a more intimate relationship with you.  I enjoy writing, as it is something I have always enjoyed from a young student, to my college years, up until now, in my productions for my website and at  The following narrative is a description of the climax of my most popular Clip, "Warrior Women",  which has put me squarely into the #1 position in the "Amazons" category for the past two months, which is a difficult feat, as there are many beautiful, muscular Amazons in the world.

You see, not only do I enjoy the physicality of my productions, the primordial and sensual nature of what I do as the "Goddess of Fetish",  and accomplishing the end goal in making fantasy a reality.  I tap into the fact that many men enjoy a powerful, intelligent, sensually dominant woman. And, when I discover the right energy with someone, something magical happens.  I have been inspired by many, and you know who you are.  Many of you have seen the soft, vulnerable, human side of me, and if you are an intimate friend, you know what I am talking about.

In summation, expect to see more of me here, on my own blog, where I can exploit my own talents, strength, and passion in life, and where I am not censored.  I appreciate your support and patronage at my website, and my Clips4sale store where you will find this clip, "Warrior Women", at

It feels good to be back, and connected to you, once again.  Feel free to research my archives, as I started this blog ten years ago--I feel it's never too late to tell stories, and engage with you.  The cinematic quality of "Warrior Women," is one of the highest quality productions I have produced to date.  My cinematographer, Alexander Paul, never fails me, and always amazes me with the end product, no matter how grueling or difficult the process.  When I script something out, he "gets me".  I do not have to explain to him angles, blocking, lighting, and the overall tone or emotion, as we have been filming for six solid years, as well as producing a documentary.  My co-star, Maria Wattell, is a professional bodybuilder, beautiful tall Dutch Amazon, a star in her own right that I wanted to cast in my productions from the moment I met her in 2013.  I knew she had the raw talent that I could develop into an incredible production of the ages.  She is a naturally strong athlete, and I knew she would be able to follow my lead and discover her own strengths as an Amazon, not only in her personal and professional life, and portraying this in "Warrior Women".  She just had to trust the process and remain flexible.

My productions are symbolic of the human condition--our strengths, frailties, fantasies, and primordial sexuality that drive us on a daily basis.  I like to think of myself as a transformational leader in the fine art and psychology of fetish and being a true Goddess.

I hope you will explore my website, this blog, and Clips4sale store.  My main goal in life is to live my best life, embracing my strengths and understanding my human vulnerability, and hope to touch you in a deep way.

Without further ado, here is one of my greatest cinematic works to date:

Warrior Woman, chieftan Amber, "Ponca-sa" tracks down the French fur trapper who has trespassed on her homeland, violating her niece, Fawn.  She must set the example for her younger sister, Mahala, and her nieces, who look to her to be powerful, not only emotionally and spiritually, but physically.  She needs to show them how to handle a man that has violated women and the land. Amber invades the trapper's camp, leaving her mark, the concentric circle represents the circle of life, and looks into her crystal that has magical powers. She will teach this white man to respect the power of native women.  She then hikes up the mountain to the high ground to get a better look at the layout of the land and camp in order to capture him.  The trapper makes it back to his camp, and collects his fur, as he noticed the concentric circle in his camp, on the sand,  and knows he has been marked and being hunted.  He collects his furs, and  runs for his life out of his camp, fearing tribal warriors will capture and harm him.  Amber then waits for him underneath the mountain, waiting for him to pass out of his camp.  He is sprinting away as he does not want to be captured.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, he runs into the brick wall of Amber, as she throws him onto her shoulder, rips his leather breechcloth off, and strangles him with it.  She breast smothers him, and ball busts him, violently stroking his cock, making sure he knows she will do as she pleases with him, licking the sweat off his temple, feeling her wrath, and fearing what she would do next.   After completely dominating him, she cradles him and lifts him onto her shoulder, and takes his member into her mouth, sucking him off in a long blowjob; not permitting him to come.  She stands off with him, baring her breasts, towering over him, flexing her Amazon body; something he has never encountered before.  A tall, strong Amazonian woman with a incredibly large breasts, tanned skin, and a body he has will never forget.  He soon realizes he should not have violated the women of her tribe, or step foot on her land.  He knows deep in his heart that not only did he make a mistake, but that Amber owns him for the rest of his life, and he will have to surrender to her not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Go to: to watch the full feature

Very truly yours,
Amber DeLuca, "The Goddess of Fetish"

Channelling my "inner Goddess", during my competition bodybuilding days.  Little did I know, 15 years ago, when this photo was taken, the path I would take as a leader in Amazon fetish, and empowering men and women globally in accepting, discovering and finally celebrating who they "really are" as human beings.  As we travel in life, we are always discovering who we are, what we enjoy, and celebrating our lives with like minded others who understand and accept who we are in life and the world.  You see, it's really OK to dance to the beat of your own drum once you discover who you really are and accept it.

We live in interesting times, but at the end of the day, we all crave love, acceptance, and finding our own tribe.

I hope I can inspire you to to discover and embrace who you are, and grow in ways that inspire and enable you to be the "best you" and accept the responsibility of your respective roles in life to your family, friends, but most importantly, to yourself.  If you can make yourself happy; you can make others happy and you can truly be a joy to be with, and inspire others.

In closing, I am happy to share with you here, on this blog, my innermost thoughts and intimate experiences without the ridiculous standards of social media parameters/restrictions.