Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Minion Peter

Every so often, I will admit men that have paid their dues to me, into my inner circle.  You may ask, "What does it take to become Amber Steel's Slave/Minion?" There are many ways to serve me, all you have to do is correspond with me privately and I will advise you of the necessary steps.  I have many needs and desires that need to be met.  The nature of our very existence on earth is based on interdependence.  As much as you may have fantasies of serving me, I have fantasies of you serving me.  For the longest time, I thought life was based on independence, and that is the very essence of understanding your true identity.  You must first achieve an independent spirit/lifestyle in order to appreciate the true gift of life, and that is interdependence with others.  Learning to live a life respecting others, nature and animals on the planet, and not harming anyone is the most important thing.  And, walking in beauty in all that you do.  Walking in beauty means doing everything in a good way, and taking the moral high road.  Not getting angry at petty things in life that do not matter.  Not arguing for the sake of argument with your friends, family or lovers.  I live every day as if it were my last, and I always express my gratitude and love towards those in my inner circle.  You never know what tomorrow brings, if you will even survive.  So, it is important to settle all matters, and do not hold grudges as that stores negative energy, trapping your heart and soul for the real zest in life.  It takes a long time to walk through life to learn how not to judge others and be so critical of others' lifestyles and openly accept that everyone is unique and that is the diversity and beauty of life, and also makes us stronger as a human race.  We are all one family. 

You may look at the photo above and laugh to yourself that this man is either very lucky and fortunate or a fool.  He is neither.  Contrary to the negative connotations of being a slave or minion, it is all about power exchange.  It is an equal relationship, and does not mean I am abusive towards Peter.  The word slave/minion merely means he will serve me at all costs, and puts me above anyone in his life.  I did not ask him to do this, he did it upon his own freewill.  Which is very different from the Western definition of slavery.  

How Peter serves me is a very private, but honorable matter.  I am honored to know Peter, and accept him into my inner circle.