Saturday, August 29, 2009

European Holiday set

As I make this post, I have secured my dates for my travel to Western Europe. It was a bit painstaking, and I dredded calling my Starwood Ambassador, a concierge of sorts. I was fearing the hotels would be very expensive--and they are! However, since I am a Platinum member at these properties, having traveled around the globe for the past several years, I have accrued points that will help defray the expenses. So, it turned out fair enough for visiting eight European cities. You can view my travel on my main website.

Here, I am pictured with my friend, Nikki Fuller, IFBB pro bodybuilder, last summer. She looks like she could have stepped on a bodybuilding stage and won in this condition! She was absolutely ripped. While I admired her condition, Nikki admired my strength, size and fullness. I think it made for a great photo shoot. Steve Wennerstrom, former Women's Physique World editor, IFBB women's bodybuilding historian, and women's physique photographer for many publications tried his hand at my digital camera. It was strange for him, because he still enjoys shooting in 35mm film. Nikki and I sure worked the camera, and we had a lot of fun. And, of course, Steve enjoyed shooting us.

Today, I just edited some clips with my friend Dave. I am going to be shooting with one of my regular male victims/models this weekend, and a good friend of mine here locally, Brianna, is going to do the stills, and my regular video girl, Sheryl, will be in. So, I look forward to getting some exciting work done.

I have decided to also attend the Ms. Olympia show this year. I have a good feeling my friend, Iris Kyle, is going to blow everyone away again. She just keeps getting better and better every year, and widening the gap between her and the rest of the field. She is truly an amazing human being, so humble too.

I think I will get on cam early tonight (yes, this is still early for me!). My sleep patterns have been erratic lately, as I have so many things on my mind, sometimes it is hard for me to turn my sleep switch "on", and my full throttle switch "off".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Just because I no longer work a regular "9-5" job does not mean I am oblivious to time. Although, somedays, I will admit, I have to look at my Iphone or my computer to sort out which day I am on. The only time I know generally, is that I train one bodypart per day, and it is generally, more or less on the same day of the week.

So, it has been a great week for me in training, have not missed a day.

I just thought I would spoil you with this photo, despite the fact I don't really have a whole lot to say today...LOL. But, with a booty like this, do I need to say more?

Chest Day

Today, I trained by myself at the NM Sports and Wellness. It's not really the gym I favor, as I have mentioned earlier, because there are very few athletes and hardcore trainers, but it is close to my house, afterall. And, it is nice and air conditioned, so no excuses of it being "too hot".

So, I trained chest by myself today. I put up 215 on the Smith machine incline bench. I could have easily gone to 225, but I wanted to feel the chest, not my shoulders and back. Plus, I did not have a spot, nor did I want to ask anyone there. I set the pins just below chest level, and gave the bench a dry run, in case I had to bail and ditch the weight, all I would have to do is push the bench back, let the weight drop into the pins. I have a Smith at home, and it's probably one of the safest pieces of equipment to train heavy on alone. My shoulders are somewhat sore from yesterday's heavy military press. The two places I feel it the most are my deep lats, serratus tie-in my rhomboids, and my medial delts. My front delt is pretty sore, too. So, I opted to not go too heavy. Last week, I was able to handle 75 pound dumbbells for inclines, so mixed it up this week.

Then, I hit 45 minutes stairclimber at a pretty wicked pace, just in the fat burning zone.

Did a little webcam tonight for my "day job", and did pretty well. I would really like to get on earlier to capture the Americans, but at 2:00 am - 4:00 am, most are fast asleep, or getting up to go to work. So, it is good to say hello to my European friends and everyone from the rest of the world at !

My webmaster will have a draft ready for me by the end of this week, and boy am I ever excited about that! For once in my website's life, I feel like I am in good hands.

So, life could not be more perfect.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shoulder Day

This is one of my favorite shoots with physique photographer, Mike Yurkovic. What I like most about Mike's work, is that I just have to be myself, and I do not really have to pose hard, but just act natural. This trait is the epitome of what makes a photographer great, and nearly always produces high quality work, pending the model knows what she is doing. This photo was taken on Santa Monica Pier, the day after I won the Excalibur in December, 2005.

So, today I trained shoulders. I got up to nearly 200 pounds in seated military press, then did a drop set. Needless to say, my delts were on fire! This will help me do the necessary lifts of my victims for many of my video and photoshoots. That, and strong legs and back are very important for these types of lifts.

I did 45 minutes of treadmill at an incline of 12 and called it a day. Made myself a nice buffalo steak for dinner with a baked tater and a nice glass of cabernet, and life is good!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Ok, so today, I just slept! I am gearing up for this week, ready to pound the gym very hard and aggressively. So, I needed all the beauty rest and muscle sleep I could get!

I am also scrutinizing my European tour, and sought the advice of one of my fellow Amazonian Muscle Goddess travelers. Amazingly, when I searched the prices for hotels in Europe they are still very pricey compared to the USA. And, the Euro and British Pound have been getting stronger, which means, it takes more of our Benjamins to their currency. Or, better stated, our dollar is getting weaker against other foreign currencies. What is an Amazonian Globetrotter to do?

So, I heard from my good friend, Saskia, in Holland, so with the right timing, perhaps we can visit. I do not think she is preparing for any shows.

So, I will keep my nose to the grindstone here in New Mexico until duty calls.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am going to have to change my nocturnal ways very soon. I find that, while creative at night, it's hard to maintain a normal human schedule when I sleep all day. Today, I did not do that, though. I had to get up "early" at 1:00 pm, as my friend Dave was coming over to work on some stuff with me for the website.
This week I want to get my Russian Kettlebell swings and snatches done early, do my first cardio session early, and get to the gym by mid afternoon. This still gives me time to get all my meals in, run my errands, and work online at home after all of that.

The other big problem when not on a normal human schedule, is that if you sleep odd hours, it's hard to get all the meals in on time.

So, I am off to bed tomorrow, since tomorrow is the beginning of a new week for me.



Okay, so the title of this post is "Contemplation". That is what I get to do when I am home, and it's a good thing. A quiet respite from traveling around the globe. Today, I took the day off from the gym, my abs are still insanely sore from the other day, but I am going to amp up the training this week, particularly the cardio and abs. I have been eating much cleaner and on schedule, which is better than my normal routine. I did not take the day off because I think I deserve it, or that I was too sore, but here in Albuquerque, they close the gyms early on Friday through Sunday. And, since I am on this weird nocturnal schedule, I got up too late in the afternoon to get to the gym. So, I will have to get on track with shoulders tomorrow. I could train in my garage, but only in the wee hours of the morning, as it is still in the 90s here during the day and it's way too hot. Holds too much heat in there. Guess I would work up more of a sweat! Okay, off to uploading a clip to my website and doing a little webcam.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nocturnal Creature

I just got done performing on I started around 3:00 am. I knew I would catch the Europeans. And a few Americans, but they are usually fast asleep, or they wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking of me. LOL. Really. So, they just get online to see if I am on, because anyone that really knows me, knows that I am a very nocturnal being. Well, I didn't get to the gym today until close to 11:00 pm! I went to bed this morning at around 9:30 am, and awoke at 5:00 pm, getting my much needed beauty and muscle rest. It takes plenty of rest to grow and retain the vitality and vigor, you know.

Generally, when I travel, I am on a more normal human schedule though, because I opt to skip the webcam. But, what a great way to reach out and socialize with all my fans and friends. I remember when I used to work full time, I would do my last session of cardio, then get online to make few bucks. Sometimes it would be so good that I would have to stay on, then I would have to go to work the next day. Sometimes I just had to call in or go in late. Those were the days when I worked full time, did bodybuilding shows, trained a couple times a day, traveled on the weekends, and was trying to develop my website. I felt like I was being pulled in so many directions, and I was only getting a few hours sleep each night. What's worse, was the fact that I used to use my leave for bodybuilding shows, (another "job/hobby") and then I would run out of leave for myself for friends and family stuff. It was terrible. So, I tried to take leave without pay, but I was always pushing the envelope! Those were crazy times and I was always so damned exhausted. The condition you see me here was at the Nationals, 2005, my last national show, and then the following year was my "Swansong" and the Masters 2006 was when I decided I no longer felt the need or had the desire to compete in bodybuilding.

I saw the inconsistency in judging standards and what a woman must do to get to the ultra dry shredded look, which by the way, looks terrible on most people. Very few women can really pull it off and still look sexy. A few days before the show or after, fine, but not he day of the show. No matter how much makeup a girl uses, she can't hide the harshness of the face. So unnatural and not pretty.

So, every now and then, I take a look at these photos, and remember what state of mind I was in when I got ready for these shows. I literally had no time to spare, and had to stay on schedule every minute of the day due to all of my obligations.

I also always wanted to travel to Europe, and only dreamt of it. So, in September of 2006, nearly three years to date in another month, I resigned my federal position. It was so difficult moonlighting like Wonderwoman and then sitting at a desk for nine hours a day. In the summer of 2007, I met Saskia, and if you have been reading the old posts on this blog, you know I lived over there for a short time, and it was very rewarding.

The most rewarding thing about it was that at first, I knew it was going to be a big leap, and take courage to leave the stability of federal position with benefits. But, being the risk taker, and wanted to live life to the fullest, I left unceremoniously, giving management about three weeks notice.

After leaving, I felt all those proverbial sayings, like a mountain was lifted off my shoulders, unshackled, free at last, liberated, empowered. And I never looked back. A lot of organizations are so unhealthy, and they can totally wear you down, wear you out, and rob you of your spirit.
And, that is exactly what was happening to me. I knew I had a lot of life left in me than to continue plodding along where I was, and I celebrate every day knowing that I am always in control of the direction I move in my life.

And, the bar is always set so much higher than when you work for yourself, and sure, I have tripped a lot over the past few years, but that's okay. I have learned a lot. And, I have lived a lot.

Life is beautiful. I always try to see the beauty in everything, the good in everyone. I embrace each day, knowing the gift of life to live on this planet. I try to live mindfully and carefully, being in the moment of what I am doing. I look back at how I used to live, racing around here and there, and everywhere, not taking time to live mindfully. It's all too easy to get caught up in the "rat race", and lose sight of things in life that matter.

Enjoy life, my friends, enjoy life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Famous Red Booty Shorts--Boo-ya!

As Ali G would say, "Boo-ya"! Well, that's all I have to say about the famous red booty shorts. I think I still have them in my special latex drawer, awaiting my next victim.

Well, as promised, I would keep on top of this blog because I am home now. I am immersed in the gym these days, and it has been a great week back. I generally train one bodypart each day, and have been getting my 30-40 minutes cardio in as well.

I can't believe I only weigh around 185 in this photo. I am 210 now. 25 pounds is a lot of weight! The goal is to have this hardness and definition at around 200 or 205. So, I will have a net gain of about 15 pounds of muscle since this photo was taken. That's pretty exciting! My calves and arms are at least one to two inches bigger now. Although I like contest shape, I just love the big, full sexy voluptuous look.

At any rate, I will keep you posted on my progress with both the revamp on the website, and my homelife. I have a bit of a reprieve now, and it feels sooo good! You could say I am in "chill" mode right now, tending to my house and cats and catching up with my peeps in Albuquerque. Life is good...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Saskia and me at the Arnold Classic, 2008. Sometimes, I will just pick random photos to post on this blog, that probably have nothing to do with my journal, but more likely that I just plain like the photo. I like this one, because we just exchanged some small chit chat as to how we were about to conquer the massive crowd, but for some odd reason, our eyes simultaneously shifted downward to our chests. We both look pretty intent, and I thought it was a cute photo.

I think it takes me longer to recover from my NYC trips than to California and Las Vegas. For one, the trip is about 4.5 hours in the air from Albuquerque to NYC. The weather is always great in Vegas and Cali versus going back east, as sometimes, you never know what you are going to get. So, dear readers, if you will forgive me again on the delay posting to the blog. I plan on staying home all the way up until the end of September, which is only just six short weeks away, when I will venture over to Europe in October. I have been crazy busy the past week just trying to get back in the gym, which I have done diligently, not missing a day, and hitting my cardio and eating clean. I have also sent the new website design off to the webmaster, who will begin working on it this week. In the meantime, I will be back at the drawing board farming out my editing projects, and working with my good friend, Dave, who has been magnificent in holding my hand and getting me squared away with all my technology and is a brilliant graphic designer, as I have mentioned before. Really, I am grateful for him, and I don't know what I would do without him. Once the redesign is done, it will all just be a matter of producing content and editing and polishing the footage and stills for the site. It's all so exciting to me! For the past three years since I resigned my federal position, I have been consumed about my work, and now, all my hopes and dreams are finally coming to fruition.

I am also thrilled to travel to Europe, and I have decided to do a Mediterranean tour. I plan on my point of entry to be London, then off to Greece, Italy, Turkey, and I am going to try to squeeze Amsterdam in the middle. I have never been to Italy, nor have I ever been to Turkey, so it ought to be an interesting experience.

So, between the website, webcam performances, training, and preparing for my European trip, it leaves little time for much else. But, I would not have it any other way.

Enjoy Life--Carpe Diem my friends!
Amber Steel

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Big Apple

This photo was taken in my favorite city in the USA, New York City, March 2008, where I am heading early this morning.

My good friend, Saskia, and I came to the USA to attend the Arnold Classic by way of NYC, and we went to this place called the Buddha Bar. We got there pretty late and closed the place down, as you can see, there is no one in the club, but we didn't care, we had a great time. I have always wanted to visit this bar, as I have almost all of the CDs by the Buddha Bar, an eclectic mix of world music, very soothing and ambient.

Speaking of Sas, I just heard from her this past week, and she is doing well in Holland. She is a personal trainer in Kneet's Gym, where we used to train, and she is training some rockstars now! Pretty interesting. Bodybuilders have been well known to train celebrity types and rockstars in the USA. Everyone in the entertainment industry needs to look good, so it makes sense. When I visit Europe in October, there is a chance we may meet up if we can coordinate our schedules.

I just wanted to post a little blog for you all, as I need to finish packing, and I don't want to be "heavy" and "late" for my check in, so I had better get going!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Complete Makeover of Goddess of Fetish near completion

One last thought before I do other tasks. I am such a nocturnal creature. I am like my cats. Sleep all day, play all night. I am happy to announce that the makeover of my new website, is approaching completion on the artistic side. Now, the webmaster has to do his magic and add all the bells and whistles. This new design and layout is a complete custom design from the ground up. It's so good to be in contact with my old pal, Dave, who has really kept me on track in between all of my travels and productions. Just will see...a brand new day in the Steel Universe is approaching the horizon, and I am so happy.

RX Muscle Interview

Ok, so I am spoiling you now because I feel guilty about not posting in one week. I generally do not have guilt in my repertoire of emotions, but in this case, I make an exception.

I will be doing an interview tomorrow, August 3rd for RX Muscle at I am featured on their "Sex and Muscle" talk show hosted by Dave Palumbo. It will begin at 3:00 pm EST. You will get to take a peak into the inner workings of the Steel Universe, so I hope you will tune in. Of course, if you happen to miss it, you can just replay it any time after the interview.

Mind you, when my website gets made over, I will begin doing my own talk shows, so you will have to stay tuned to the Goddess of Fetish to get the latest in my travels and productions and interviews with sexy, interesting people.

Recovering from Las Vegas

The lovely Nikki Fuller, and yours truly, Amber Steel, at the NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships, July 25, 2009.

I know it has been quite a while since my last post, so please forgive me. Sounds like the beginning of a Catholic confession, no? Well, in a way, this blog is a confession of my life to you. And, I reveal some fun, personal things about me that you would not ordinarily know about me. And, I like being intimate, honest, and forthcoming about everything I do in life. I realized a long time ago, there is no other way to live.

The trip to California was a good one, and then, finally up to Vegas to the USAs. I turned 42 on July 26th, and I have never felt better than I do now. Luckily, I have some great anti-aging genes, my good oily skin, the Indian blood I suppose, and clean healthy living. I don't smoke, never have, only the good stuff sometimes, I drink lots of good red wine, and my fair share of vodka and tequila (funny how I resist the alcoholism gene), have lots of great sex, enjoy life, and do not worry or stress out about much. Oh yes, and laughing a lot helps, too. And, so does having pets or something to take care of. Since I do not have any children, and do not plan on it, my three cats keep me busy enough, and are the perfect low maintenance animals for me.

My friend, Angie Salvagno took the light heavyweight class, at the USA Championships, and rightly so; her conditioning was spot on, and no one was even close to her. She will make her pro debut this weekend in Tampa. It's hard to believe that she just had a baby less than a year ago, too! When I visited her in Florida back in December, she told me a surprise that she did not want me to tell anyone. That was, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in August of 2008! In December, she was nearly back to her normal off season weight, and you could not tell she had given birth at all! An amazing woman. Well, we did not get a chance to work, due to her win and other commitments, but we will work in the near future, after her shows are over. She really is a fun girl, and one of my favorite bodybuilders, and I am glad she was awarded her pro card finally. I remember in my very first national level show, when I met her in 2003, I remember watching her in the pump room backstage and admiring her physique and conditioning. If you log into my site, you will see our first wrestling scene ever, which gets, ahem, very steamy shall we say! LOL. We are just girls wanting to have fun, as Cyndi Lauper sang.

I did get to see my friend, Nikki Fuller briefly at the show, as you can see we are in the lobby of the venue. We did not get to hang out as much as we wanted to, due to her personal obligations as well, but we always enjoy the time we do spend together.

All in all, I had a very relaxing and nice birthday in Vegas, despite the fact that I did not get as much filming done as I wanted, however, as anyone in our industry knows, that's just how the cookie crumbles, and it's always hard to shoot girls when they are competing or have other obligations at a big show. I know the feeling; I have been there and done that. A lot of times, I am so busy I never get to the big dance. Such is life a a bona fide Muscle Goddess, right? Makes a poor girl feel like Cinderella, but that's okay. I would not have it any other way.