Friday, March 6, 2020

Loyalist Update at Clips4Sale Store

I have updated part one of my most recent clip at my Clips4sale store.  As a performer over the past 15 years or so, I often end up counseling men and women that are models for my productions.  The fact is, I am very much the same person in my scripted scenarios, and it is a genuine extension of my persona.  I think this is best, because it is an authentic experience for all involved.  Here is a description of the latest:

Goddess Amber is many things to many people in her personal and professional life.  She has her Ph.d. in Counseling, which makes her so amazing at what she does in her life.  Not only the years of experience living life, but her educational background seems to really help the men and women she encounters in her life.  Today, she meets with Jeannie, a local exotic dancer/stripper, seeks Amber's guidance in her life.  She is really struggling with whether she wants to remain in this line of work.  Amber briefly counsels her in the fine art and craft of "sex work". She gently advises Jeannie that in order to fully embrace the work and flourish, she must defy her socialization.  She reminds Jeannie that her work is important and carries great responsibility.  She is a goddess in her own right, and to understand this, she must learn to accept this great power and responsibility and act accordingly, healing her clients that visit her for sexual gratification.  She advises Jeannie that it is not merely "sex work", but deep soulful work that can heal not only herself, but naturally, her clients.  Jeannie has taken an interest in competing in pole dance competitions, and she has a lean, lithe body, but she really admires Amber's Amazonic, tall, powerful frame. In fact, Jeannie confesses her deepest, darkest fantasy of being with an Amazon Warrior woman.  Amber demonstrates her strength and power to her, so she knows what a real woman is capable of doing.