Monday, September 21, 2009

Escondido, California

This photo is perhaps one of my favorite photos of all time for various reasons. Number one, because it is with one of the most gorgeous female bodybuilders of all time, my friend, Nikki Fuller. I have posted a photo of us indoors a few posts ago on the steps, and Steve Wennerstrom did a magnificent job, as always in capturing the epitome of female bodybuilders in all their glory. I have to tell you, though, his mind was in muscle overload! One magnificent subject of art is more than enough for one poor photographer, but two? You have got to be kidding me. His mind did not know what to focus on next, it was in such overload with this much muscle in front of his lens.
And, Steve and Nikki go back many years, from her early days when she graced the cover of every major muscle magazine on the stands. And, I remember, too, because I was a hardcore fbb fan when Nikki was in her prime. As far as I am concerned, Nikki combined the grace and beauty of what female bodybuilding is all about. Very few women on the pro stage still have this magnificence. Even now, 15 years after her last major show, she still carries a tremendously muscular, lean and vascular physique.

I admire her so much, that I do not mind trading dominant and submissive type poses with her. And, she did the same for me, and she verbally admitted being submissive to me, which surprised me. But, at the same time, it was quite a turn on, a woman of her stature, and iconic force in the bodybuilding industry would feel submissive towards me.

Life is like that; a game of being passive and active, submissive or dominant. And, it's good to know that you are comfortable in your own skin to be in either position. If you can be in either position, you are truly a grounded human being. It's all about balance, as I have mentioned before in my previous posts. And balance is so beautiful and such a turn on. In fact, a major turn off is discovering someone is out of balance.

I have just finished editing a final project with my good friend, Dave, while I am gone in Europe for my website updates, so they will be regularly updated as well as my Clips4Sale store. It is so much fun editing with Dave. We have a blast. And, I cook him some food, and we just shoot the shit about whatever crosses our mind. It is perhaps one of the most exciting things about my work, is reflecting on what I have done, and how I can improve upon it. But, it's all about my approach and finding balance in my work as well. If you try to force things, it never comes, you know? Anything in life is like that. So, if I am feeling a bit confused or wary, I stop and take time to relax and reflect on the answer. It may take a day or a few weeks for the answer to arrive to me, but eventually, it comes. And, there is value in waiting, because it is all about discovery.

I will post a few more times before my long journey to Europe. It is only for one month. I know as long as it seems on paper, time will fly.

Be well my friends.

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