Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strength & Power at PSI

I have embarked on a strength and power training program at The Phillipi Sports Institute, PSI, in Las Vegas, Nevada for the summer. Mark Phillipi, the owner, is a world class strongman, and has the best, state of the art hardcore training facility in all of Vegas. Mark's staff, are degreed, certified, and highly experienced and knowledgeable in strength and conditioning programs for various athletes. He hand picks and screens his staff, and they all adhere to a very high standard and work ethic, yet are encouraging and friendly.

There is a diverse group of athletes at the gym, comprised of professional basketball, football players, mixed martial artists, young athletes, retired athletes, and anyone wanting to get better. The energy of the gym is train hard, heavy, and fast. It has an atmosphere of athleticism and camaraderie that makes you want to go all out, despite the fact that the gym has no air conditioning and the only salvation to the relentless Vegas heat are a few big fans and on some days, a few less people training.

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