Monday, August 9, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Pec Panther

As I wrote in my last post, I have been busy this summer getting in condition for my human overhead lifts, as well as other feats of strength. All this, while making appearances on live webcam shows at, as well as maintaining my own website and shooting lots of sexy, intriguing, and captivating content. It's a full time gig! But, I sure love it, and I cannot imagine doing anything else in my life right now.

I went out to visit Lynn McCrossin, known as The Pec Panther for her amazing pectoral control and bouncing in Scottsdale, Arizona. I consider Lynn the Godmother of the internet female bodybuilding entertainment world. We spent this past weekend together brainstorming about content, sharing business ideas, and rejuvenating ourselves.

Let me catch you all up on how my summer has been going, though. If you have been following me on Youtube, you can find my channel at "The Amber Steel", or Here, you can see some of my feats of strength, and overhead lifts that I have been focusing on this summer.

I caught the attention of Sebastian Timbalind, with my website and my Youtube channel. Timbalind flew me down to Miami a month ago to perform my featured overhead lift for the video, "Wobbley", to be released soon. He met with me in the trailer and told me he was really impressed with my work and physique and wanted to incorporate the overhead lift in the video. I had three separate scenes. All in all, they treated me very well on the set, and I had a good experience. My first scene, the overhead lift, was shot at nearly midnight in the dead of Miami humid heat. I had to do nearly 10 takes pressing a small man over my head with a bath towel on! I am so glad I train in the desert heat of Las Vegas, and I was conditioned to perform.

The USAs were last week, and I did a few shoots with some friends in the industry, and as always, it turned out very well. I will post a few pics from the lobby in a subsequent post. However, I just wanted to update the blog so you all know that I have not just been relaxing this summer! Well, I always enjoy my work, because it is more like play--and that's what life should be about. Enjoying every moment in life, whether alone or with someone.

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