Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny One-Liners at the Gym

Summer is officially here in both Vegas and Albuquerque, and I am feeling the desert heat. I love the desert, no matter what city. From the high plains of New Mexico, to even Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Nevada, I feel at home. The winds have kicked up a bit, and there was a forest fire in Flagstaff, and we got the smoke! I thought for a moment, the Sandia mountain range was on fire.

I have been a busy bee producing content for Goddess of Fetish. The latter part of 2010 and early 2011, I have met with many videographers/editors in the industry. I am focusing on stepping up my quality of productions, and updating on a more frequent basis. From the beginning, I self filmed and recruited friends to be my models. That works in the beginning, but, I owe it to my loyal fans a better quality product, and it's my passion, so I owe it to myself, too.

I have found that honing my Amazonian strength and body is a serious craft, that comes first and foremost, and then, finally, the rest of my business. And, ultimately, it comes down to proper time management, and, being the free spirit that I am, sometimes, I just go with the wind! So, I had to examine critically what I am doing, both in my personal and business life, and see if I can make some adjustments to improve everything. Ultimately, the end result will be good, I know that.

One great achievement for me is that I have been getting stronger and I have been producing more content on a regular basis, which, as I stated, are my two primary functions in my craft. So, if you check out my website, you will begin to see better quality footage, editing, and style.

My overhead pressing has increased quite a bit over the past year. About six weeks ago, I overhead push pressed 225, and I can do 185x5x3 on a regular basis. I could probably grind out 10 reps at 185, but that's a bit too high volume for me! Who knows, for the sake of capturing it on film, I may just do that. Maybe I will do that with benching 225 for reps, and squats, maybe something like 300. And, deadlifting, perhaps 315 for reps. Would you like to see that? In fact, what I will do, is develop what I call an "Amazon Medley", where I will put together 10 events or maximum reps and film it for you. That way, I have a goal for myself, to always top my last effort. I could test myself on a monthly basis. Hmmmmm. Sounds like I am cutting out a lot of fun for myself!

So, the funny quotes of the day in the gym go something like this. I met a couple guys in my gym here at Defined Fitness in Albuquerque, and one guy said, "So, you used to be like a quarter horse, now you are a Clydesdale?" And, another member told me as I flexed my lats and he felt them, "I have never felt anything like that on a woman before!" I laughed my ass off, but replied, "I have a lot of things on my body you have probably never felt on a woman!" Of course, I was talking about the rest of my massive feminine muscles that ordinary women do not have. It was a great day in the gym! It's always good when you can laugh, and get a great reaction out of people, mostly inspirational, but sometimes intimidating. It's all in a day's work in the Steel Universe!

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