Monday, October 12, 2009

KO - a Vegas sweet surprise

KO, "Kortney Olsen", has got to be one of the sexiest girls I have seen in a long time. She has a natural spunk and persona to her that is just so hot and erotic. She is a complete natural. Her hard body and killer looks are certainly intoxicating. I just wanted to drink her in...every inch of her. And, I did. Again, Brain Moss did the honors of capturing us on film. The only disappointment was that we were short on time and we did not get any video footage in, but we got some really hot stills done. And, I think these photos speak volumes for themelves! We will definitely be doing some more work together in the future. Oh yea, and we rocked Vegas in our own sweet way. I will leave that to your imagination, my dear friends!

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  1. oh.. this is the reason i wanted to be a photographer.. :P..