Friday, October 16, 2009

Train ride from Zurich to Milan

Zurich is very close to Milan via train, and when I organized my trip to Europe this year, I decided to take trains for three journies between cities. I love the trains, as you do not have to screw around with security, overweight or lost luggage, or all the nuisances of the airport and cabs, and hustlers. You are in, and out, in no time and it is far more relaxing to have a nice comfortable seat and beautiful view of the countryside and get a little cat nap. This lake I passed was at the foothills of a beautiful mountain range and there was no sign of commercialism in the area. It was stunning. The lake reminded me a little of Taos, New Mexico, and the mountains. It's funny when I travel in Europe, a lot of places remind me of places I have lived in the USA. Since I have never been to Italy, I relished this train ride. I made the first major blunder of my foreign travels by losing my UK cell phone. I think I left it in the cab the last night I was in Zurich. It simply had to have slid out of my little travel purse. I decided to go for sushi, and it happened to be clear across town from where I was staying . It cost me a 40Euro cab fare each way, and the sushi ran around 150EUR. I had about 170GBP on my phone, so all total, this sushi dinner cost about $500 of our good old Benjamins. Not something I relish, but hey, I screw up from time to time. So, I went to the room and activated my Iphone via internet. I think I am going to get seriously screwed on the bill, but what the hell. I will just beg them for a smaller bill and attempt to claim ignorance. I am in Athens tonight and leave for Istanbul tomorrow morning. I am playing catch up with the blog because I have been quite busy here. There are a few more crazy blunders I will tell, so stay tuned, and you will see!

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  1. wow.. im loving reading this. and for this reason , this one is gonna go on my blog roll :), i had seen pictures my cousin had taken in switzerland. it seems there is this train ride which is this must do when you go there. and you get to see some totally spectacular things.. blue waters. amazing stuff. the pics were soo totally brilliant. i guess its those pictures that got me hooked to travel and photography in the first place.