Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Health is Wealth

One of my favorite images with my good friend, Nikki Fuller.

Spring 2011 has certainly been interesting, and I am refreshed, renewed, and invigorated for all the new projects I have started. Sometimes in life, well, I would say most often, we only need to reflect and look inward to determine the direction of our lives, as I have posted here before.

Health is the "new wealth", and if we could only look at wealth in a more organic way, we just may feel better about ourselves. My definition of wealth is glowing health, nurturing friendships and relationships with others, caring for humanity, and doing the "right thing".

My training is off to a terrific start, and I am pressing right around 200 lbs overhead and benchpressing in the low 300's without the assistance of "gear", such as a benchpress shirt or a belt. The only supports I use are wrist wraps. I took a bit of time off around the holidays, to recover and gain focus. Good health is the new wealth, and no matter how much money one has or material things, nothing can make one feel better than being in good physical condition, physically, mentally, and spiritually. No amount of money in the world can offer this kind of well being. So, I am pleased to have maintained my strength, and look forward to pushing to new and improved strength gains this year.

I took a lot of time off from traveling this past year to focus on all aspects of my health, and it payed off in great dividends. And, also to focus on cultivating and deepening the relationships with all those that are in my life, as well as my personal business projects, which you will see come to life as the year passes. It is difficult to water the garden when one is never home! So, I decided to change that. Friends are like flowers, and they must be cultivated, nurtured, and fed. Sometimes all we need to do, is observe nature, and how our lives are nature, and to follow that natural course, like a flowing river. The river is always moving, sometimes forceful. Often, we need to be more like the water.

I will be doing more videoshoots focusing on my human feats of strength, my hardcore gym workouts, and other fun activities, and publishing them on my websites.

Stay tuned for an amazing 2011 with me!

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  1. Well said Amber,
    but friends can be everywhere..you will not be able to make new friends unless you travel..have a global garden..
    we do miss you her in Europe..