Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Overhead Pressing

My new standard benchmark for OH pressing is 185x5 on any given day. This allows me to easily lift people up to around the 160 pound range overhead with ease. Although, lifting a human body is a lot different than a barbell due to a lot of factors. And, the liftee must not fidget, twist, or move about while in the air, otherwise, he could cause serious damage to either myself or himself. I always try to train the liftee, to relax, and to hold his hands and legs a certain way, but it's not always easy. I tried to have Rebecca Swanson lift me overhead one time, and it is a bit scary in the air, first of all, you must trust the lifter that you are not going to get dropped! And, in my case, I am 5'9", and my reach is around 7'4", so taking all of this into account, the liftee is quite a ways up in the air, helpless, and sideways. It's best if I have someone that has great body awareness, and perhaps a gymnastic or acrobatic type background, and knows how to make himself "light" while in the air.

My shoulders, wrists, hands, and elbows must not only be very strong, but also flexible.

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