Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Beginnings, 2016

Happy New Year!  I can't believe 2015 came and went so fast.  I think as we age, time seems to fly faster.  I have asked some of my older friends, and it is some sort of phenomena that it is true, as we age, it seems like time goes by faster.  I am sure someone well versed in quantum physics could explain better.  

I recently revamped the Goddess of Fetish website to include more behind-the-scenes, and human interest interviews.  I think there is value in developing this type of content for my fans and members.  Sure, I will still publish the clips of my brand of Amazon Erotica, but the most fun part of my life is understanding others desires and fantasies.  This is why, "Embracing and celebrating sensual feminine domination making fantasy a reality" is quite simply, my philosophy for not only my productions, but my lifestyle.

As I reflect upon 2015, it was a creative, somewhat lucid year for me.  It was a year of deep thinking and reflection for me.  It was a year of realizing all that I am--all that I have become in the world, and where am I going?  Who are my friends, lovers, and supporters?  Naturally, over time, when you just be who you are, without trying, the right people are attracted to you.  Call it what you will, laws of the Universe or laws of attraction, I believe strongly in this.  Buddhists state it best, about how your thoughts become words, action, habits, then finally your destiny.  So, just think about how your very thoughts, which are often daydreams, and even dreams at night become your destiny.  The power of the mind is that we can will ourselves to do anything we desire or want to become. 

So, in wrapping up 2015, the documentary project was delayed slightly, but for good reason, and I know my Director of Photography, Xander and I will make it a stronger production.  We closed the year out with some strong interviews and direction.  I just have to redo my interview and then it will go to the editing bay for a final cut.  It has been a challenging journey along they way, and sometimes  the bumps in the road make something stronger, no matter how daunting or insurmountable something seems in the beginning.  Yet, the greatest challenge lies before us, and that will be the marketing and distribution strategy.  The most important thing is the world will get to see me in a light they have never seen.  I have had so many production companies and producers ask me for my story, and I have always been tempted to tell my story, but ultimately, balked, knowing that I never had full editorial control.  This is unsettling to me as mainstream and not so mainstream media always wants to sensationalize and objectify women of strength, particularly those that choose non standard narrative paths in life.  My intentions are to embrace my lifestyle and educate the viewer on my path leading up to becoming the "Goddess of Fetish".  

Here's to 2016--may it bring new perspective and growth to us all, day by day.


  1. Suggest teaming up with:
    -Yvette Bova
    -Ashlee Chambers
    -monica martin
    -lissa cross

  2. A very Happy New Year, GODDESS OF FETISH. Thanks a ton for giving such a wonderful start of this year to the people of the Steel Universe. I have always been the admirer of YOUR blogs, since the time I know YOU.

    YOU have very brilliantly established this unique and rational platform of connecting to YOUR admirers, friends, lovers and supporters. Kudos :)

    It is evident from this blog that YOU have been burning the candle at both the ends for the upcoming Legendary documentary project, which will have a great novelty in it .

    I as well as the entire people of the Steel Universe wish YOU a grand success in this campaign. For all the hard-work YOU keep putting-in, our Devotion and Respect for YOU, only multiplies every time.

    Wish YOU too a very prosperous and auspicious 2016.