Monday, January 25, 2016

Heather Vahn--"Porn as Art"

When I started my website, about six years ago, it went through many growing pains.  I am constantly trying to see what my fans enjoy and, most importantly, what I enjoy doing.  I also grappled with the question of being a "Muscle Goddess" doing solo and strictly girl/girl scenes to graduating into more femdom scenes, which included hardcore boy/girl scenes.  It's not that I was morally opposed to adult films or pornography but the question is how am I going to frame it for my audience?  My goals for all of my productions are to include a combination of strength/power (feat of strength, such as lifting someone overhead, with one arm, or some other crazy lift), sensuality, passion, reality, and sometimes, but not always, some sort of climax, or ending.  

Traditional adult films typically show the man in control, but the nature of femdom is the exact opposite.  I always try to cater to my model's fantasies and desires, as this makes the scene and outcome so much more natural.  I recently filmed with a young lady in Las Vegas, Heather Vahn, and I have to say, she was one of the most charismatic performers I have ever worked with.  She talks about how she got her start in adult, and it was something she always wanted to do. Some people make art, some people make music, but Heather wanted to "do porn".  And, in many ways, the best reason to do something, and in my opinion, the only reason to do something is for the love of it.  

I recently revamped the Goddess of Fetish website to include more behind-the-scenes, and human interest interviews.  I think there is value in developing this type of content for my fans and members.  Sure, I will still publish the clips of my brand of Amazon Erotica, but the most fun part of my life is understanding others desires and fantasies.  This is why, "Embracing and celebrating sensual feminine domination making fantasy a reality" is quite simply, my philosophy for not only my productions, but my lifestyle.

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  1. Keep up that awesome work, Amber. Really looking forward to additional content on your site. Wishing you the best for 2016