Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big shoulders

I trained shoulders for the first time in a few weeks, and my neck, traps, shoulders and medial deltoid are in a lot of pain. Romeo spotted me on my shoulder presses, and everything felt really good during the training, but I knew I would be in pain for a few days after that training session. But, after all the pain, and lots of good protein, the result will be well worth it. As you can see in this pose for this post, I am here again, with my friend, Rebecca Swanson. We look like bookends here, don't we?

Anyway, I must pack for California for my shoots in LA and Vegas. I am looking forward to the week ahead, and accomplishing a lot of good work and producing exciting content. I have everything down to a science now when I pack, with my virtual office of a computer (sometimes two), my Canon GL2, my camera, my tripod which fits nicely in my large silver Rimowa flexible suitcase. I must pack civilian clothes and fantasy clothes along with boots and shoes. And, another suitcase gets make up and hair stuff. It's bad enough that I have a shoe fetish, but trying to fit photoshoo/videoshoot clothing, particularly fetish wear, which is not lightweight, along with all of the accoutrements of being a woman just gets to be plain exhausting. All of my friends wherever I go ask me "why do you pack so much stuff"? Which gets the animated, well rehearsed response, "This is my virtual office, that's my life in those two bags for a month. Can you fit your entire office in a a couple of suitcases and a computer bag?" And, I always tell them I leave nothing out, as I like to have all the creature comforts of home. Forget about shopping for anything. I often have to ship boxes home from wherever I am or buy additional suitcases. I do not believe in economy size anything! LOL. Then, of course, they begin to understand that I am a mobile office on two giant polycarbonate Rimowa suitcases (thank God they stretch), and my other small bags. Generally, the total weight is about 106 pounds in luggage, right on the limit (mostly a few pounds over), but the guys at Southwest Airlines always let me slide in Albuquerque, and about another 40 pounds in computer and cameras. I have figured out that since the Rimowas are like trolleys, as they have four wheels, I can stack the computer on top of one, and the camera on top of the other. It always aggravates me when someone tries to help me with my bags, because, despite my briefing them to treat them like trolleys, and stack the other two items on top, they never seem to get it and are unable to manage it. I have gotten really good at manhandling these heavy suitcases all over airports throughout the world, and as long as I don't have ramps and uneven surfaces to negotiate, it's pretty much smooth sailing. I always warn the cabbies and bus drivers to be careful lifting my bags because they are heavier than most normal bags. I always chuckle to myself as I watch them wince and strain, but have a deadpan face while they are heaving the bags. It makes me very appreciative of my hard work in the gym and athletic background to be able to manage these bags. Train stations are problematic, though and that is the only occasion I may take a real trolley cart, unless I have a travel companion. I always remind anyone that picks me up at the airport to bring their utility car and not the fancy sports car.

During this two week breather from the cybernet conferences I attended, I got a lot of work done at home, and many things accomplished. My jack-of-all trades assistant for my technologies and special projects for the website, Dave, got me on track in many ways. We have been getting my MacPro at home squared away with the right software and organized, and I just gave him the Macbook to help me with the projects. He now has all the video and photos for upcoming updates. I also just got a new Iphone, which is very cool. I transitioned from the Blackberry, and now, there is no turning back. The Iphone ruins you for all other phones. Now, I can truly interface with my fans on a regular basis via the blog and Twitter as well as other social networks. It has a decent little phone and video camera on it as well. I can upload to my site and wherever I choose. So, this is going to be a lot of fun!

It feels good to accomplish so much, as well as get on track at the gym and a normal food schedule. It will feel even better to be home for an extended period of time and actually live in my house and enjoy the beautiful late summer and fall of the most beautiful sunrises and desert, and mountains in the world, and all of the exciting cultural events in Santa Fe in Albuquerque that occur during this time.

Stay tuned!

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