Saturday, July 11, 2009

While I have not posted in two days, this generally means I am either super busy or very tired, and more than likely, both. I am working fervently on the website, ensuring updates are timely and things are edited. I usually only have about two weeks to get everything up to speed before I am off on travel again, collecting content and exploring the world.

Fortunately, I am going to get as much content shot in the next couple of weeks here in July so I can just work on the editing and fine tuning of the website in August and September. I will be leaving for Europe in October. This really is a full time job! When I left federal service, three years ago to date this coming September, I knew the work before me was going to be a big hurdle. But, the fun certainly has been in the journey of learning (not the financial expenses, though!). But, as they say, "that's life". But, I could not think of anything I would want to be doing more right now. And that's the best feeling in life, when you wake up in the morning and feel invigorated for the day, anxious to work on new projects and learn new things.

I took two entire days off from the gym, and more than likely, today to give my body a rest. I find that as I age, I push my body much harder, and I have no mercy on myself when it comes to training. So, I find myself pretty sore, even when I am going "light". I can train shoulders and arms tomorrow.

I am off to San Diego this week, and then, Palm Desert, and finally Los Angeles to finally do a shoot with "Goddess Heather". She used to be a top middleweight bodybuilder in the early to mid 90's. Then, it will be off to the USAs, which will be jam packed busy shooting with all the girls.

I get one more week to play with my three Bengal boy cats, Zeus, Cesare, and Hercules. Stay tuned, and I will post some photos of them!

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