Monday, July 13, 2009

Grrrrr! This photo was taken on Sanibel Island, Florida, August, 2007. I loved the water breaking into my hard ass and it was so cool there, and the water was perfect. There is something that is so extremely erotic and sensual about the tide breaking, ebbing and flowing, spanking my hard ass and, errr, ummmm, other feels so good! You can see that white cusp of a wave, getting ready to spank my ass from behind, and it just sneaks up on me. The eroticism of the beach has always turned me on, the sensuality of the sand, getting dirty and wet, it's as if I am making love to the ocean! And nothing feels better, being in the water, it's so invigorating and refreshing.

I loved being on the North Shore in Oahu, and this feeling at Sanibel was similar.

I am preparing to leave for California this week, and I am so pumped up to go! I will reunite with many friends, and explore many opportunities.

Please stay tuned for more Amber Steel! I promise to update you in all of my travels around the world, and I will introduce you to my inner world of friends.


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