Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crowd Teasers at the Arnold

While at the Arnold Classic, I met Hayley McNeff. I had only seen photos of her online, but she is a stick of dynamite in person! We had fun at the Hyatt Bar, teasing local fans, where I proceeded to school Hayley in the fine art of reverse head scissors and headlocks on grown men. Kristal, aka "Buffbunny" was there to make sure I was properly fueled with tequila with camera in hand. Gene Hwang of www.Genex.com was there to capture the festivities on film until his camera ran out of battery juice. That deserved a serious ass kicking in an of itself, but I let him slide this time.

Hayley, in her early 20's, just began competing in bodybuilding a few years ago. Let's just say she has an extremely bright future in whatever she chooses to do in the physique industry, as she has amazing lines and a beautiful face.

I just decided to post these photos, as teasing the crowd and interacting with them is perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of being in this industry.

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