Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kneet's Gym, Opendag, Den Haag, Netherlands, February 2008

Peter Kneetman, owner of Kneet's gym in Den Haag, Netherlands, held an opendag, or an open house for the community to visit with all of the resident bodybuilders. It was a great turn out.
Since Sas, Peter, and I were all training partners, people were used to seeing us at the gym, but in a non social manner, because we were too busy trying to lift heavy weights and pack on muscle---all serious business. A lot of former bodybuilders turned up and it turned into one big party, everyone posing for the community and it was a lot of fun. It was at this juncture when I was over there, that I learned that the Dutch take their work and play very seriously, and they never discount holidays and the good life and times with family and friends. I will never forget how the community in Den Haag treated me, and accepted me as one of thier own, and I will be glad to return in just another week to say hello to my old friends.

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