Monday, March 22, 2010

I am back in Albuquerque!

I finally made it home to Albuquerque. Amsterdam was great, got to finally meet Xander and Lethal Veronica and did a bit of videowork. Xander makes it to the USA a few times a year. He has a great eye for vidwork, and I will most certainly be shooting with him again. Then it was off to Den Haag to visit Sas and my old friends at Kneets. I will make a more comprehensive post, but I am on a weird schedule again, recovering from my jet lag and being in five different time zones in the past few days tends to make me just want to sleep like a cat. All day, and whenever I want...LOL! I had a great visit everywhere I went. NYC turned out to be quite busy as well, as I did some video shoots with a couple of great guys. Also, I performed my first overhead lift and carry; something I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but never really practiced it. The liftee was 150 pounds, but once I nailed it, I lifted him several times, and I captured it all on video! So, my mid to lower back is a bit tight, and a little sore, but not in pain. It's an "okay" kind of sore, and not "bad", if you know what I mean. I will post more later, but I am going back to sleep.

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