Thursday, August 20, 2009

Famous Red Booty Shorts--Boo-ya!

As Ali G would say, "Boo-ya"! Well, that's all I have to say about the famous red booty shorts. I think I still have them in my special latex drawer, awaiting my next victim.

Well, as promised, I would keep on top of this blog because I am home now. I am immersed in the gym these days, and it has been a great week back. I generally train one bodypart each day, and have been getting my 30-40 minutes cardio in as well.

I can't believe I only weigh around 185 in this photo. I am 210 now. 25 pounds is a lot of weight! The goal is to have this hardness and definition at around 200 or 205. So, I will have a net gain of about 15 pounds of muscle since this photo was taken. That's pretty exciting! My calves and arms are at least one to two inches bigger now. Although I like contest shape, I just love the big, full sexy voluptuous look.

At any rate, I will keep you posted on my progress with both the revamp on the website, and my homelife. I have a bit of a reprieve now, and it feels sooo good! You could say I am in "chill" mode right now, tending to my house and cats and catching up with my peeps in Albuquerque. Life is good...

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