Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am going to have to change my nocturnal ways very soon. I find that, while creative at night, it's hard to maintain a normal human schedule when I sleep all day. Today, I did not do that, though. I had to get up "early" at 1:00 pm, as my friend Dave was coming over to work on some stuff with me for the website.
This week I want to get my Russian Kettlebell swings and snatches done early, do my first cardio session early, and get to the gym by mid afternoon. This still gives me time to get all my meals in, run my errands, and work online at home after all of that.

The other big problem when not on a normal human schedule, is that if you sleep odd hours, it's hard to get all the meals in on time.

So, I am off to bed tomorrow, since tomorrow is the beginning of a new week for me.


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