Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chest Day

Today, I trained by myself at the NM Sports and Wellness. It's not really the gym I favor, as I have mentioned earlier, because there are very few athletes and hardcore trainers, but it is close to my house, afterall. And, it is nice and air conditioned, so no excuses of it being "too hot".

So, I trained chest by myself today. I put up 215 on the Smith machine incline bench. I could have easily gone to 225, but I wanted to feel the chest, not my shoulders and back. Plus, I did not have a spot, nor did I want to ask anyone there. I set the pins just below chest level, and gave the bench a dry run, in case I had to bail and ditch the weight, all I would have to do is push the bench back, let the weight drop into the pins. I have a Smith at home, and it's probably one of the safest pieces of equipment to train heavy on alone. My shoulders are somewhat sore from yesterday's heavy military press. The two places I feel it the most are my deep lats, serratus tie-in my rhomboids, and my medial delts. My front delt is pretty sore, too. So, I opted to not go too heavy. Last week, I was able to handle 75 pound dumbbells for inclines, so mixed it up this week.

Then, I hit 45 minutes stairclimber at a pretty wicked pace, just in the fat burning zone.

Did a little webcam tonight for my "day job", and did pretty well. I would really like to get on earlier to capture the Americans, but at 2:00 am - 4:00 am, most are fast asleep, or getting up to go to work. So, it is good to say hello to my European friends and everyone from the rest of the world at !

My webmaster will have a draft ready for me by the end of this week, and boy am I ever excited about that! For once in my website's life, I feel like I am in good hands.

So, life could not be more perfect.


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