Saturday, August 29, 2009

European Holiday set

As I make this post, I have secured my dates for my travel to Western Europe. It was a bit painstaking, and I dredded calling my Starwood Ambassador, a concierge of sorts. I was fearing the hotels would be very expensive--and they are! However, since I am a Platinum member at these properties, having traveled around the globe for the past several years, I have accrued points that will help defray the expenses. So, it turned out fair enough for visiting eight European cities. You can view my travel on my main website.

Here, I am pictured with my friend, Nikki Fuller, IFBB pro bodybuilder, last summer. She looks like she could have stepped on a bodybuilding stage and won in this condition! She was absolutely ripped. While I admired her condition, Nikki admired my strength, size and fullness. I think it made for a great photo shoot. Steve Wennerstrom, former Women's Physique World editor, IFBB women's bodybuilding historian, and women's physique photographer for many publications tried his hand at my digital camera. It was strange for him, because he still enjoys shooting in 35mm film. Nikki and I sure worked the camera, and we had a lot of fun. And, of course, Steve enjoyed shooting us.

Today, I just edited some clips with my friend Dave. I am going to be shooting with one of my regular male victims/models this weekend, and a good friend of mine here locally, Brianna, is going to do the stills, and my regular video girl, Sheryl, will be in. So, I look forward to getting some exciting work done.

I have decided to also attend the Ms. Olympia show this year. I have a good feeling my friend, Iris Kyle, is going to blow everyone away again. She just keeps getting better and better every year, and widening the gap between her and the rest of the field. She is truly an amazing human being, so humble too.

I think I will get on cam early tonight (yes, this is still early for me!). My sleep patterns have been erratic lately, as I have so many things on my mind, sometimes it is hard for me to turn my sleep switch "on", and my full throttle switch "off".

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